Monday, June 23, 2008

My house was broken into by a bunch of sissies.

I don't know whether to be angry or not... Perhaps I should be baffled instead.

Last two weeks, my house in Shah Alam got broken into.

My house was a wreck. My room, which was already a wreck in the first place, has been wrecked to smithereens by those fuckers. Damn...

And for some unexplainable reason, though Aziz's room was also broken into, this is the only mess they made.


I dunno whether their hearts were into it or not...

By the looks of it, it looks like my house was broken into by a bunch of sissies and hesitated halfway whether to steal anything or not...

Our Big-Ass TV is not stolen, my printer is not stolen, but only my perfume got stolen....??? Very sissy...

And the mess they made, it looks like they purposely messed it up only to clean it back. But somewhere in the middle of the cleaning process, they changed their hearts.

Get this, they also left us with something!

They left us with lots of baju kurung!!

Wah... Very generous....

But watafak are we gonna do with your baju kurungs dammit! It's not that we can wear it anyway!

Baju kurung for sale...Anyone...?



moja said...

I know I shouldn't be laughing, but this is realy2 weird! Hahahaha..

Luckily nothing xpensive wer stolen kan? Hehehe.

Diyana said...

This might sound really lame (it is). At least you guys are all right, right?

Nothing expensive was stolen. Nothing was destroyed. No one got hurt.


Baju kurung? Hmm..... must've been their calling card. Very creative.

safwan said...

to moja: Yeah...I thought so too...very2 sissy, and very2 weird...apart from the perfume, Alhamdulillah nothing was stolen...

to diyana: yep...Alhamdulillah we're alright...hehe...calling card tu ape?

Diyana said...

Calling card is like something that the criminal leaves at the scene of the crime as a way of teasing the police and to tell them that they commit the crime.

For example, do you watch Home Alone? There was a scene where the robbers rob the house and then clog up the sink and leaves the water running. They did it to every house to tell the victims and the police that they done it. They called themselves 'Wet Bandits'. It's like saying that, "Hi, we are the Wet Bandits and we rob this house!"

I guess for those sissies who broke into your house, their calling card was the baju kurungs that they left. So, based on the baju kurungs that they left, I guess they're trying to say, "Hi, we are the Baju Kurung Sissies and we broke into this house."

For more information :

Azie Nazri said...

OMG. ur serious??
that is sooo funny! HAHAHAHA.
im sorry if im being insensitive but i think this was something like a stupid dare or something.
i mean, leaving baju kurong?? HAHAHAHA.

alhamdulillah they didnt take anything else rite? it couldve been worse then leaving ur house in a total mess.

or maybe kan, they left the baju kurongs as their signature or something. cam konon2, those serial killers/robbers that leave like roses or tarot cards to show that they did it.
but baju kurong?? HAHAHAHA.

im sorry again for laughing. :p

Azie Nazri said...

oh tak perasan that what i said just now was kinda the same with what diyana said.
calling cards. didnt know they're called that. :p

safwan said...

I think it's a syndicate of sissies....

Association of Sissies Syndicate (ASS)

or better yet,

Kurung Klan Konnection...(KKK)
That'd wipe out whites from Malaysia...

nashrah said...

that is freaking scary maaan..

acad said...

perfumer stealer..!!!
that's bizarre..
an odd case..
perhaps the sissies got into the wrong house..
n luckily no one was there..
imagine if someone was there..who will scream their lung out first..if it's true that the thieves were sissies..