Friday, February 27, 2009

Still waters

This song was introduced to me by brother.

It's called "Still Waters" by Maksim Mrvica.

It's a sad song, I know...

A sad song for a sad dude.

It's kinda cool though.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Strange menu 2


It's been a while, innit?

I've been busy for the past week. Sigh....Assignments, can't live with them, cant live without them.

And this semester up till now has been a pressure cooker for me. Definitely NOT looking forward to next semester.

Somebody murder me, please!


A few days back, me and my housemates had ourdinner somewhere in Shah Alam Section 7.

It's a mamak restaurant but a lil bit modern. It has got computers and all, very high tech mamak indeed.

So we went there, grabbed a chair, and the mamak quickly rushed to our table to give the menu.

I was so hungry at that time.

But somehow after stumbling upon this menu, my appetite died.

Owh dem!

The fries must be so horny that when you try to eat them it licks you!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What the fish?

A couple of days ago, I, along with my mates for Methodology of Teaching Listening and Speaking creative project went shopping at Tesco.

I guess they noticed this. I kinda lagged behind all the time and had to catch up to them.

In a way, I was scared that they might think that I am not participating. I'm sorry. But, rest assured guys, I will try to give my contribution to the project.

The thing that made me lagged behind aside of my tiredness was I found this strange looking fella.



I looked closer at the price, and saw this.


You meant "ABUSIVE FISH".......

You abuse people with your B/O .... (Body Odor)

Thanks, but no thanks.

I will not part with my hard earned Rm16.90 to have a toy fish who will abuse me with his body odor.

I took a quick look at his friend, the spider.

And for some strange reasons, the spider is blue.

Yes, BLUE.

Again, I looked at the price tag, and saw the same thing.

No wonder he's such in a blue mood....

Scientists invented the shower pipes not for fun, Ok?


Or else you will be in a blue mood and abuse people with your Body Odor

Sunday, February 15, 2009

And they say chess is boring.

I'm sure by now, you must've figured out that I love chess.

No, scratch that.

I'm obsessed with chess.

But what makes me sad is that when I tell people I love chess, the most common response is

"Chess? Boring...."


Tell me chess whether chess is boring or not after you see this.

They are GM (Grand Master) playing Blitz Chess.

The perfect way to say "OMG You're So Fat" to a perfect stranger 2

Jeng, Hajar , Fiqah and I were at Al Rafi Bistro for late night supper.

I've just had my dinner before that and were still full, so I just ordered a drink. Hajar too. Jeng ordered Roti Canai with cheese and mayonnaise and Fiqah ordered USA Fried Rice. You know, the fried rice with beef and egg. It's a kind of dish for people who really are hungry.

Jeng's order came first.

After a while, Fiqah's order came up.

The mamak went to our table, with full confidence and without a doubt whatsoever, placed the fried rice in front of me.

" Watafak? Yakin je ko kan aku yang order nih?" I said to the mamak.

AMEK HANG! Tempah-Neraka-Statement up your ass.

And Jeng, Fiqah and Hajar were like "Rilek Bear, Rilek... Hahahahaha"

Moral of the story: You gotta have Unconditional Positive Regard and Non Judgmental attitude when you serve as a counselor and waiter.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Should I?

Location: Parking lot
Situation: Still in the car. Just after I sent her home.

In my heart:

"If she likes me, she'll look at me back."

"If she likes me, she'll look at me back."

"If she likes me, she'll look at me back."

"If she likes me, she'll look at me back."

"If she likes me, she'll look at me back."

Her head turned.

Lips curled into smile.

Hands waved.

My day is complete.

p/s: Mary, Jiwang gila kan post ni?

p p/s: Mary bukan gadis yang dimaksudkan.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Klang Open 2009 Chess Tournament

I thought of blogging about this days ago, but I've been busy for quite a while.

And please bear with me for a while as I explain some things for you before I proceed with my story. It saves your time and my time to explain difficult terms later on. Just skip this part if you already know what it is.


A person's chess rating is a numerical value of a person's ability in playing chess. The more, the better.

An FM is FIDE Master. FIDE master is a chessmaster with rating around 2350.

FIDE is a short form of Federation Internationale Des Echecs. That's French for International Federation of Chess.


The tournament was held at a school in Kampung Jawa, around 30 minutes drive from Shah Alam.

Me, Shahrol and Adi Syazwandi heard that that tournament was gonna be big.

And big is an understatement.

It's HUGE.

From Slip of tongue

Around 400 contestants participated in that tournament, and 148 just for open category only. We signed up for the open category.

At first, we were told it was a 7 round tournament with 25 minutes per round. Then we were told that they changed it to 8 round tournament with 20 minutes per person per round...



I got my ass whooped as early as round 1. He rated 1580 while I was unrated. Although I didn't expect to win against him, it still affected me psychologically.

So I slapped myself hard, trying to stay focused. My next opponent was a 30 year old girl with rating around 1450.

I played white. She used Sicilian Defense Accelerated Dragon Variation against me. I played positionally, not making unnecessary sacrifices.

Then after around 28th move, I noticed an oddity in her move. I thought she made a blunder. I thought around 10 minutes alone calculating the suitable move. Fearing time trouble later on, I took a leap of faith.

I sacrificed my knight, my rook, and my bishop consecutively to set up a mate in 3 with my queen and rook. I was so elated with that victory, as making sacrifices was not my style of play.

Round 3, I was beaten by a 50 year old man. Word has it, he works as a UiTM lecturer in main camp, with rating around 1690. No wonder he was so powerful. I lost again in round 5, 6, and 8.

I won in round 4 and 7 though. So out of 8 round, I won only 3 and lost 5. Bad performance.

Strangely, I enjoyed getting my ass kicked in round 6. My opponent was a women player, around my age. She is UIA student, studying engineering. She was so cute, I can't concentrate. I hope she signs up for UIA Open this year. Hehehe....


From Slip of tongue

See the Chinese dude wearing Malaysia jersey?

He's Mok Tzee Meng, one of Malaysia's FM. He was the favorite to win.

But he didn't. I didn't notice there was another FM played there as well.

From Slip of tongue

He's FM Anas. He looked like he's around my age, and yet he's already a Master.

Here's a video of him playing the last round against and opponent I can't remember his name. Ong somethingsomething. It was cool nonetheless.

can you watch here? got problem with youtube. later I'll repair.

He's blazing fast!


Sometimes, I wonder if I can play at their level.

They are people who can think at least 20 possible moves with analysis of 12 move onwards. Simply speaking, they know what you think.

I signed up with the lowest expectation. I didn't expect to win at all. I came there just for an experience.

And experience is what I got. Loads of them.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Entri yang ditulis dengan penuh rasa marah


Dear fucker.

Make her cry again and I swear I will inflict as much pain as possible to your sorry little fuckface.

Leave her alone.

I'll fucking murder you if you don't.


Monday, February 9, 2009

The Story of You and Me, Chapter 2

Remember I did a jiwang poem entitled "The Story of You and Me"?

This is the continuation to that piece.


I thought it was the end of the love story of me and you,
I never thought there was supposed to be chapter two.

I've got over you.
I've forgotten all the things we used to do.
You were a thing of the past,
that I knew that just wouldn't last.

Then I came across someone new.
I kinda liked her, so I made my move.
I didn't expect she'd be reminding me of somebody I knew
Why, of all people in the world she looked mighty just like you.

She looks at me just like you used to.
She talks softly uncannily like you,
She has a magical smile that reminds me of you,
Worst of all, her name is the same as you.

I love her as much as I had loved you.
But every bit of her seems to remind me of you.
How am I supposed to get over you?
coz when I'm around her I kept thinking of you

I'm in pain, I'm in agony, can't you see?
I can still feel the pain you gave when you left me.
And the memory of you still haunts me.
That's the reason I'm locking away the memory of you and me
Coz I want to write about only her and me in Chapter 3.


Once again, this has got nothing to do with my love life, my friends, or whoever you can think of. All these came totally outta nowhere.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Strange thingy.

Thanks to Razin aka Mael, for this picture.



And alloy tips???


Monday, February 2, 2009

Quote of the day

Read this in my friend's blog.

Hidup memang sementara,rugilah orang yang sombong,suka mencaci, sedangkan hidup amat singkat untuk kita berbuat jahat.