Monday, February 9, 2009

The Story of You and Me, Chapter 2

Remember I did a jiwang poem entitled "The Story of You and Me"?

This is the continuation to that piece.


I thought it was the end of the love story of me and you,
I never thought there was supposed to be chapter two.

I've got over you.
I've forgotten all the things we used to do.
You were a thing of the past,
that I knew that just wouldn't last.

Then I came across someone new.
I kinda liked her, so I made my move.
I didn't expect she'd be reminding me of somebody I knew
Why, of all people in the world she looked mighty just like you.

She looks at me just like you used to.
She talks softly uncannily like you,
She has a magical smile that reminds me of you,
Worst of all, her name is the same as you.

I love her as much as I had loved you.
But every bit of her seems to remind me of you.
How am I supposed to get over you?
coz when I'm around her I kept thinking of you

I'm in pain, I'm in agony, can't you see?
I can still feel the pain you gave when you left me.
And the memory of you still haunts me.
That's the reason I'm locking away the memory of you and me
Coz I want to write about only her and me in Chapter 3.


Once again, this has got nothing to do with my love life, my friends, or whoever you can think of. All these came totally outta nowhere.


kayNe said...

tp sgt menarik
even if its not real, and is created on the most authentic novelty sekalipun its a beautiful poem
wah brother bear kamu sungguh menyentuh ati!!

sharifah salmah Alshatri said...

huhu..kewl la dude

S.H.A.Z.A. said...

wah..suka la!! cair..cair...dasat la bear ni~~ hehe..

nashrah said...

i love this oh so very much :)

Azie Nazri said...

are you sure this is fiction, mr chairperson? ;)

its beautiful. very.

hajar::aisyah said...

me like..

safwan said...

to kayne, kak pah, shaza, nashrah, hajar :


to azie:

i'm sure, secretary azie. thanks!