Friday, May 2, 2014

if i die tonight

If i die tonight, what would I leave?
Huge debt or an empire; a legacy?
will i die by my lonesome of beside a grieving family?
will i finish what i've started or they remain incomplete?

have i been a good friend?
a good child?
a good brother?
 a good student?
have i been a good everything?
oh, the things i would give to know,
and to make it up to those that i fall short.

if i die tonight will people forgive me?
if i die tonight will God show me mercy?
If i die tonight will people mourn,
or will they be happy that i am gone?

if i die tonight how long would it take
for her to find someone who would take my place
who would take care of her, cherish and love her,
with love that'd renew with each passing day?
I hope it wouldnt take long
let not my passing be a cause for sorrow.

if i do die tonight please dont weep for me.
kullu nafsin dza'ikatul maut; a taste of death will come for those who have breathed
if i do die tonight, please pray for me.
take lessons from the story of my life,
let not my mistakes happen to thee.