Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Haiku from Hell

Boom! The door opened
She found Him, stunned on His bed.
His words have failed Him.

She did not know why
She thought He was so special
He is a bastard.

He fucking used Her.
He was the reason behind
The tears in Her sleeps

Then She came to him,
decided to end His life,
She slitted His throat.

Blood came gushing out
as He heard Her words clearly
before He gave in.

"Happy you were here
but happier you are gone
Godspeed you bastard!"

She then turned away.
Unnoticed He had a gun,
He pulled the trigger.


Is this a Haiku?

Firdaous said a Haiku is supposed to picture a beautiful scene, since back in those ancient days they don't have cameras in Japan.

Entri Sia Sia

Do I have to answer your questions?

The answers are clear, aren't they?

Sebab aku suka kau la, sengal.

Getting to know you

Walaupun dah lama lepas,

Thanks to Firdaous sbb buat Getting To Know You, Yes You! program a success! I know you sacrificed a lot.

Rest in peace now, ok? (Oh dem. That doesn't sound right.)

Thanks to the committees sbb tolong Firdaous buat! mati la dia tu kalo takde korang.

And sorry gak to firdaous sbb aku volunteer tak cam volunteer. Time suruh cari barang ngan promote G2kY ni aku slalu escape. hahahha....

If any of you who missed this event, U guys missed a lot. No kidding.

pictures on facebook. Malas nak upload.


Having been blogging for a while. Need to sort things out a bit.

Decided not to continue with the chart. Will be too degrading and will bring shame to me in a very bad way.


Sorry Nurul...

Dah malas nak blogging, tetiba ko paksa aku tulis pasal Shout! Awards..

Gambar pun aku tak amik...

Aku pun da lupa sapa perform....Hahaha....

Tapi aku try ah sebest mungkin nak kutuk2 performance diorg.


Opening performance was a bit WTF?

They darken the whole stadium so that the performing people who wore glow in the dark suits would look kinda cool.

It would, if we could actually see the effect. And the choreography needs to be improved in its creativity.

Bunkface was alright.

Seriously jealous with Caprice. When I have trouble finding one girl to go on a date with me, he got two busloads of hot cheerleaders dancing for him in the skimpiest clothing allowed by Malaysian TV Censorship Board.

Tribute to Michael Jackson would have been more heart touching without the rapper performing with Jac.

Joe Flizzow, The President kinda wowed the audience a bit. He got a friggin Bentley Continental GT on the friggin stage ok!

Sean Kingston seriously need discipline training. While presenting the award, he missed the cue to walk to the stage, he didn't know which mic to use, which way to face. Obviously he did not go to the rehearsals.

He kinda made up by making the audience go crazy with his performance. They were restless, I tell you. Maybe coz he set the dance floor on fire.

That was one hell of a weekend. Thanks to Nik Nurul Ain, who used her seducing skillz to get extra tickets for me, Michelle, Yus, Iqa, Ida and In.

You should work as a spy.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Top 3 Chart of Craziest Thing I Have Done

I've been thinking long and hard whether I should tell you guys these things or not, but in the end I decided to tell you guys anyway.

But please, please pretty please with truckloads of whipped cream and two cherries on top kind of please, never ever to repeat these things that I have done to anybody especially to my potential girlfriend and never ask me anything about what I have done when you meet me in the faculty or wherever. It stays here, kapish?

Enough intro, here's the top 3 things that I have done.


NUMBER 3 - The Biscuit Act.

I can still recall this particular event quite clearly. It happened in 1994, roughly when I was 6 years old. I did my pre school in Tadika Yayasan Islam in Terengganu, class 6 Ros. The teacher was Miss Rohaya , if I am not mistaken.

At that time, there was this sort of toy that were kind of popular. It was some kind of a ruler, but when you press it at a certain point it magically curls up into a perfect circle so you can use it as a wrist band. Those kids were crazy about that thing, except me.

So one day, I asked a friend of mine, Izzat Affendi if I am not mistaken, where did he buy that thing. He told me the place to buy that thing, but since I can't understand directions at that time, he offered me to show it to me.

The problem was, we can't find suitable time to meet up for him to show the place to me. When I was 6, my parents were quite particular on who I make friends with and where I go, so when I told them that I want to see him, my parents denied permission. So the only time we can meet up was during class hours. So we planned to ditch class and go.

During recess, after eating our breakfast, we did our plan. We stole a couple of chairs from an empty class, drag them to the school fence and climbed it.

So off we went to shop.

However, on our way to the shop, I spotted a small tortoise in a dry drain. So I immediately jumped into the drain to check it out. After about spending 5 useless minutes checking the tortoise out, I realized that Izzat didn't notice that I was left behind.

So I was lost alone in a place only God knows where.

I walked and walked and walked aimlessly. After hours of walking, I noticed a familiar junction, so I took it. Fortunately, that junction leads to my home.

I got home and since I saw the door was open, I entered my home and took a shower and proceeded to watch TV. Suddenly, Kak Ya, my "anak sepupu " who is also my babysitter noticed that I got home already and began scolding me.

"Mu pegi mana hah Wang? Cikgu mu telepon rumah tau dok? pukul 9 setengah tengok tengok mu dah takdok dalam kelas! Pak cik Jalil tunggu mu dari pukul 12.30 sampai pukul 2 nak ambik mu dari sekoloh! Tengok skang pukul brapa! PUKUL 3.30 baru balik Rumah!!!"

I got a "sepit ketam" from her, and the bruise did not subside for at least a week. I reckon my boobs were never the same after she pinched it.

Damn Kinky, as Herne would've put it.

That was the first and last time I ditch class......NOT.


Damn, writing this is gonna take so much of my time. Maybe I'll continue writing this in the next blog post.

Will update 3 days later. Hopefully.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Drama sedih menyayat hati warga emas

Before returning to Shah Alam for the new semester, I went to my hometown in Batu Pahat.

Situation: Atok giving advice to my mother. He said these in Java language. Didn't understand a shit, but translated later by my mom.

Atok: Lepas solat wirid. Bersihkan hati.. Hati ni kena ingat Allah selalu. Baru terang hati.... Aku ni walaupun Allah dah tarik nikmat penglihatan aku, ade hikmahnya...nanti aku tak tengok perkara perkara duniawi.. Alhamdulillah la... Walaupun Allah tarik mata aku, hati aku terang... BUKAN MACAM MAK KO TU... Mata je celik... hati gelap.... Aku suruh kira duit aku pun bukannya reti.

Mom: Laa... bapak.... Kalo kira seringgit dua ringgit boleh la.... kalo dah besar besar kan susah...

Nenek: [Speechless. bibir terjuih. Muka macam musang. Merajuk.]

Atok: Hmmmmpph..[Speechless jugak. Kena kontrol macho. Mungkin padanya lelaki macho tak pujuk pempuan.]

Nenek: [masih merajuk.]

Me: [Clueless on the spot. Resumed watching Geng Bas Sekolah with Amir.]

Now I know where I got my tempah-neraka statement making abilities from.

p/s: blog still on halt.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Meaningless post

Wrote some stuff.

Then erased them.

Wrote another stuff.

Thought it was lousy, then erased them. Again.

Wrote what i thought would not be lousy.

Turned out to be lousy. Post deleted.


Since when I became aware of what I write?

Since when I think twice about the consequences of my blog posts?

Since when I became afraid of people's opinions of my writing?

It's not that I don't have stories to tell. I do have some.

But you cannot bear them now.

Blog on halt.

p/s: Jiwa kacau, jiwa kacau....

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This sem

This semester will be it.
My nerves, don't go down on me now.
Ps: Blogging this post using my mobile phone.If it turns out ugly, bear with it eh?