Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Getting to know you

Walaupun dah lama lepas,

Thanks to Firdaous sbb buat Getting To Know You, Yes You! program a success! I know you sacrificed a lot.

Rest in peace now, ok? (Oh dem. That doesn't sound right.)

Thanks to the committees sbb tolong Firdaous buat! mati la dia tu kalo takde korang.

And sorry gak to firdaous sbb aku volunteer tak cam volunteer. Time suruh cari barang ngan promote G2kY ni aku slalu escape. hahahha....

If any of you who missed this event, U guys missed a lot. No kidding.

pictures on facebook. Malas nak upload.


Azie Nazri said...

yupp, tepat sekali. he would die without us. :p

FirDaOus FaDziL said...

i dont care although this entry has already here since about 1month ago. but i just read it n thank you so much for the entry. glad to know that people rili enjoyed it.

thanx t every1, and yes.... benarrrrrr kak azieyati.... i was almost die actually.... hahahah