Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Top 3 Chart of Craziest Thing I Have Done

I've been thinking long and hard whether I should tell you guys these things or not, but in the end I decided to tell you guys anyway.

But please, please pretty please with truckloads of whipped cream and two cherries on top kind of please, never ever to repeat these things that I have done to anybody especially to my potential girlfriend and never ask me anything about what I have done when you meet me in the faculty or wherever. It stays here, kapish?

Enough intro, here's the top 3 things that I have done.


NUMBER 3 - The Biscuit Act.

I can still recall this particular event quite clearly. It happened in 1994, roughly when I was 6 years old. I did my pre school in Tadika Yayasan Islam in Terengganu, class 6 Ros. The teacher was Miss Rohaya , if I am not mistaken.

At that time, there was this sort of toy that were kind of popular. It was some kind of a ruler, but when you press it at a certain point it magically curls up into a perfect circle so you can use it as a wrist band. Those kids were crazy about that thing, except me.

So one day, I asked a friend of mine, Izzat Affendi if I am not mistaken, where did he buy that thing. He told me the place to buy that thing, but since I can't understand directions at that time, he offered me to show it to me.

The problem was, we can't find suitable time to meet up for him to show the place to me. When I was 6, my parents were quite particular on who I make friends with and where I go, so when I told them that I want to see him, my parents denied permission. So the only time we can meet up was during class hours. So we planned to ditch class and go.

During recess, after eating our breakfast, we did our plan. We stole a couple of chairs from an empty class, drag them to the school fence and climbed it.

So off we went to shop.

However, on our way to the shop, I spotted a small tortoise in a dry drain. So I immediately jumped into the drain to check it out. After about spending 5 useless minutes checking the tortoise out, I realized that Izzat didn't notice that I was left behind.

So I was lost alone in a place only God knows where.

I walked and walked and walked aimlessly. After hours of walking, I noticed a familiar junction, so I took it. Fortunately, that junction leads to my home.

I got home and since I saw the door was open, I entered my home and took a shower and proceeded to watch TV. Suddenly, Kak Ya, my "anak sepupu " who is also my babysitter noticed that I got home already and began scolding me.

"Mu pegi mana hah Wang? Cikgu mu telepon rumah tau dok? pukul 9 setengah tengok tengok mu dah takdok dalam kelas! Pak cik Jalil tunggu mu dari pukul 12.30 sampai pukul 2 nak ambik mu dari sekoloh! Tengok skang pukul brapa! PUKUL 3.30 baru balik Rumah!!!"

I got a "sepit ketam" from her, and the bruise did not subside for at least a week. I reckon my boobs were never the same after she pinched it.

Damn Kinky, as Herne would've put it.

That was the first and last time I ditch class......NOT.


Damn, writing this is gonna take so much of my time. Maybe I'll continue writing this in the next blog post.

Will update 3 days later. Hopefully.


hajar :: aisyah said...
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hajar :: aisyah said...

hahahaha~ best..
nok blaja jugak la sepit ketam

fitriah said...

hehe cute :)

Azie Nazri said...

HAHAHAHAHA ditching class as early as 6 ey? Much hebat than me la kalau camtu. :p

And I soo understand the difficulty to interpret directions part. In fact, I still face it until now.

Oh and btw, your friend Izat, was really a friend in need. Offering to ditch class with you and all. Hahaha

HEROICzero said...

adoi ko kecik2 dh pandai serong.. serong eh org pgl? wakakaka..

safwan said...

to hajar: jangan... benda tu meninggalkan kesan mendalam terhadap perkembangan kognitif kanak2..

to fit: hehe..

to azie: really? what crazy thing did you do?

too bad i lost contact with izat after i entered primary school..

safwan said...

to adil: ko blom dengar kecik2 aku bakar meja mak aku... tapi tu tak masuk carta. kena tendang dengan event kedua ngan ketiga.

Abu Nazmi said...

belom banjir lagi..hahaha

Jack-O said...

oh safwan.. bile anda mau buat post ttg shoutawards? hehee... sy teruja menunggu =))

HEROICzero said...

Gay Act, xde dalam carta?