Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Haiku from Hell

Boom! The door opened
She found Him, stunned on His bed.
His words have failed Him.

She did not know why
She thought He was so special
He is a bastard.

He fucking used Her.
He was the reason behind
The tears in Her sleeps

Then She came to him,
decided to end His life,
She slitted His throat.

Blood came gushing out
as He heard Her words clearly
before He gave in.

"Happy you were here
but happier you are gone
Godspeed you bastard!"

She then turned away.
Unnoticed He had a gun,
He pulled the trigger.


Is this a Haiku?

Firdaous said a Haiku is supposed to picture a beautiful scene, since back in those ancient days they don't have cameras in Japan.


gNoLa miDen said...

best gila weyh haiku hg~!!! Salute~!!! bila mau sambung cite 3 craziest thing tu? Jgn igt aku lpe...cepat~!!!

safwan said...


gile ah...

lari potential gf aku jap lagi....

Azie Nazri said...

safwaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! this is not a haiku! hahahahahahahahaha.

this, my friend, is a poem. a very DARK one.


Diyana said...

Cool, a very dark poem. I like.

HEROICzero said...

gle kejam seh bende neh... xmo3x.. jgn post lg menatang mcm neh..

Diyana said...

Well... technically it is a haiku. 7 haikus connected together into a poem (wait, haiku IS a poem).

5 syllables on the first line
7 syllables on the 2nd
5 syllables on the third

Like a hummingbird
Flying in the big blue sky
Carefree and pretty

How's that?

safwan said...

to azie:

really ah? i don't take literature, so you'll have to forgive me on that one...hhehe

to diyana:

Wow! I like yours better than mine!

to adil:

chit..sejak bila ko ati tisu neh? haha....

Ni la kesan bila terlampau byk tgk csi... idea jahat sentiasa ada...

kayNe said...

my god i seriously love this

safwan said...

thx kayne....