Thursday, May 29, 2008


Walaupun saudara zulfadhli ataupun lebih dikenali sebagai saudara moja tidak menge"tag" saya, namun dengan muka tiada kemaluan saya mengetag diri sendiri agar tidak ketinggalan dalam arus perdana ini. Setiap orang pun mempunyai keperluan tertentu untuk di"tag, tahu? Maka dengan ini saya mempersembahkan 7 fakta remeh tentang diri saya yang anda tidak tahu pun tidak mengapa. Cuma syaratnya ialah menggunakan Bahasa Melayu.

7 Perkara Tentang saya.

  • Saya gemar mencuba makanan baru
  • Saya tidak boleh hidup tanpa lagu.
  • Saya meminati semua genre lagu, kecuali lagu asli.
  • Saya langsung tidak memanfaatkan henset saya yg agak canggih.
  • Saya menulis blog ini atas inisiatif saya sendiri
  • Saya pernah mengikiti program diploma TESL di kolej swasta selama 1 sem pendek sebelum memasuki program TESL di UiTM.
  • Saya menjadikan sbg laman web utama yg wajib dimasuki setiap hari.

7 Perkara Menakutkan saya.

  • Allah.
  • Mati.
  • Miskin.
  • Kumbang. Ya, anda tidak salah baca, KUMBANG
  • Lipas
  • Ikan hidup
  • Gelap.

7 Lagu buat masa sekarang.

  • Shook ones part II - Mobb Depp
  • Teardrops on my Guitar - Taylor swift
  • Kekasih - Kopratasa
  • Here in My Home- Malaysian Artistes For Unity
  • Ju hua tai (chrysanthemum flower bed) - Jay Chou
  • Heartbreaker - Will I Am
  • a shoulder to cry on - tommy page

7 Perkara yang saya Selalu Sebut

  • Allah
  • Hoh
  • watafak..??
  • Marroh heh???
  • huh
  • Weyy..
  • Jap.

7 Perkara yang Amat Bernilai

  • Agama
  • Ilmu yg tak seberapa
  • Kawan Baik
  • Kawan-Kawan
  • Komputer Riba usang ku
  • Novel Harry Potter ku
  • telefon bimbit ku

7 Pertama Kali dalam hidup saya

  • Mencuba rokok SKL perisa cherry. Agak sedap juga. tapi tiada rasa (???)
  • study sampai lewat malam. saya sangat pemalas. selama ini saya tidak pernah men-study-kan diri saya sebegitu rupa.
  • menggunakan karekter Mogul Khan dalam permainan dota
  • Menulis blog dlm bahasa melayu
  • Putus cinta.
  • Gaduh dengan kawan baik. Sakit.
  • menonton teater.
7 Orang Yang anda mahu tag

Monday, May 26, 2008

A community service by Safwan

Date: May 22nd 2008, Thursday
Time: 10.30 am
Place: Cosmos World Theme Park, Times Square, KL

The event that happened on this day always happens everyday, with only the players, the place, the date and time that are different.

Dudes and Dudettes in a gang, dressing like they have shit for brains and walking like they own the place, thinking that they are oh so cool.

Eh please lar, you make me sick.

In this case, the dudes that I saw were so small and so young, they look like they haven't even reached puberty yet. I bet my pasar malam wallet that they don't even know what puberty is .

Maybe I should call them dudelings.

But the thing that made me kinda bumped was that those lot were Malays.

I was happily waiting for my friends at McDonalds when these six or seven dudelings passed by. This gang of dudelings wore crappy looking t-shirts and their friggin green high school pants. Hello, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that you lot were skipping schools. Damned idiots.

Then they even took pictures of themselves with the theme park as their background. Yeah, really genius. Why don't you snap pictures of your stupidity? They're worth a thousand words.

At that time, I had half of my mind to just push those kids from the fifth floor down their way to their dusty death. Hahaha....

Skipping schools like they're so genius. Fuck them. Eh, don't they know that their future are at stake here?

Each year, there's bound to be in the news about unemployed graduates. If graduates can't find jobs, let alone those kids!

Don't they know that out of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of SPM candidates, only roughly 30% of them are granted entrance to public universities? So where does other 70% go?

They go to pusat serenti, aka rehab.

"they wanna go to rehab, they say yeah yeah yeah!"

Sorry I digressed. I admit I'm not quite sure about the university stat, but this one I'm sure. I got this during AADK ceramah in Orientation Week while I was doing my pre degree. In 2006, 54% of those who were admitted to rehabs were Malays. My own race. And that percentage ain't dropping, I dare say.

Ok, you might say my points here are pretty shaky. It's what we call "Post hoc ergo propter hoc." (or something like that)

Not all of that roughly 70% really go to rehabs. But the fact remains that they lack higher education. The higher education you have, the more value you have to the society. The more value you have to society, the higher you go up in the level of society.

Can't they see these facts? Are they happy living their future life kais pagi makan pagi kais petang makan petang?

Aahh.. But then again, IGNORANCE IS BLISS.

They find their bliss in ignoring their future life,

And we find our bliss in ignoring that the thing happens everyday and we didn't even bother to lift a finger to curb the problem (except maybe our middle finger).

Friday, May 23, 2008

Here in my home

I dream of one day,
When race will be nothing more than color

I dream of one day
When hatred is thrown out of the door

I dream of one day
When people will unite as one

And it all happens
Here in my home

Spread the message ok? You can download the video, song, and ringtone all free of charge here.

This song is off da hook!

Monday, May 19, 2008

the scariest 40 seconds of my life

It's now 10.36 pm on May 19 2008. Do you know where your brain is?Hahaha....juz joking...

On a more serious note, this has been one of the scariest moments in my life.

Right now, I'm at my brother's place, which is an apartment on 9th floor

While I was busy reading Bleach online, suddenly I felt dizzy as if I am on a merry go round or something. And I felt the chair I sat on SWAYED. At first, I thought it was fatigue from the journey from Johor to KL, but I saw the water in my cup that I placed on the monitor desk also SWAYED. Fuck. This is an earthquake.

My dad stirred from his sleep beside me. I asked him,

"Ayah, ayah rase rumah ni goyang tak?"

"Rasa.." he replied..

It continued for a couple more times.

During that time, I saw flashes of the future. Is this gonna be the way that I die, to be crushed by a 13 storey building? Would I survive?

I prayed to God. I recited Kalimah Syahadah, and asked Him for mercy.

I haven't have my wishlist fulfilled yet for a start. I haven't graduated. I haven't got any girlfriends. I haven't got dean's list award. I haven't married yet... And I haven't had my two sons and three daughters from my marriage to my future wife.

After what I think about 30-40 seconds or so, it seized. I thank God.

My dad went back to sleep. I was like, what happened? Is it earthquake...?? Maybe this'll be tomorrow's news if it's really an earthquake somewhere in Indonesia. If it's not, my brother and his family really should consider moving out.


It turns out there really was an earthquake after all.. 6.1 on the Richter Scale somewhere in Sumatera. It was in the news.

Guess my brother and his family don't need to move out after all...

Friday, May 16, 2008

Why sometimes I hate holidays

It's the holidays again...


Now I can write more blog posts! I can update this effing thing everyday if I want to!
woo hoo!

But, can I?

Since it's semester break again, I'll be back home in Johor. Being back home means being secluded again for the rest of the holidays, as opposed to what I'd have done if I'm in shah alam. If i'm at shah alam right now, i would've gone places and home to me would be the place for me just to sleep and change clothes, like a hotel. huhuhu...

The thing is, when I go out, I find fresh ideas. I find new things, I see people. That's when the inspiration came. The busier the place, the better. But being home, for me to go out to town requires a 30 minutes drive from me and I'm not that rajin.

That's why I rarely update my blog during holidays. But I wanna write blogs dammit!

Wait...Did I just write something.....????

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

tagging games

Ok.. So I haven't been tagged...but what the hell...I wanna get tagged...Every normal dudes have certain needs to be tagged too you know...?

The rules

1.Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
3.Tag eight people at the end of this post and list their names.
4.Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

So, I am someone who is

1. Searching for the truth about prepaid

2. addicted to coffee...i drink coffee like it's water...

3. I'm the one you'll see like immature on the outside, but actually i can be wiser that ur grandpa

4. hungry at this time coz haven't had my breakfast yet

5. somewhat blur

6) I trust people easily

7. I'm wishing that for once, I get solid A in any subjects...coz i never had solid As before..only A minus.. siot lar..

8. I love shah alam very much although it's kinda boring....

I would like to know these 8 random facts.

1 . Why women feel shy if their panties are accidentally exposed but let it all in the open in bikinis at the beach (kenny sia's in Cleo magazine. kinda agree with him though..)

2. Why is Celcom 3g even slower...??

3. Why is my hair growing faster than ever?

4. Why people make generalizations over specific matters that only apply to certain situation..?(i'm talking shit, this one..haven't had my coffee yet...sorry)

5. Mr Shah, miss fatin, dr huzaimah, miss shima, how much is my carry marks??can you please close one eye during the marking process and gimme As? Kawtim.

6. Why do I love her still even though she hates me?

7. What makes the wind blow?

8. why do I ask these stupid questions to myself ?

&& d second one


(a) New Laptop
(b) sony digital camera
(c) a whole new wardrobe full of branded clothes that fits me
(d) a banana
(e) a plate of rice with siput sedut along with kicap....damn good...


(a) my laptop always gets on to my nerves
(b) I wanna start becoming a camgigolo. that's camwhore for men
(c) becoz i need them..
(d) coz i'm hungry rite now
(e) that's what i hope to eat upon arrival in Johor..YeeHaaa..!!


No one tagged me..saje2 cilok dari syikin


(a) sangat best...

(b) suke tules blog

(c) she's a friend i know from a friend

(d) she's going to new zealand sometime later

(e) i think she's cool...


erm....cannot think of any lar...

MOST LOVED INVENTION (does not need to be technologically advanced):-





az, azie, and whoever who feels like it

Monday, May 12, 2008

mak aih! sure saket giler.......

I am very thankful that my brother doesn't like to drive fast.

It was last night that this incident happened. We were on our way to section 2 shah alam

The thing is, whenever my brother is sleepy, he always eases up on the gas. And I hate driving slow and/or slow drivers. That night, it was a slow excruciating journey home.

We were taking a roundabout at section 2 near UiTM main campus. Driving it very slowly, my brother took the inside lane of the roundabout and made our way to U turn.

Suddenly, out of no where, a motorcycle came from the roundabout's junction from section 7. That dude was riding TOO FAST for a downhill road. He was like Ghost Rider, I tell you. OUT OF FREAKING NOWHERE!

I guess he had his brakes malfunctioned because he didn't manage to brake in time for the roundabout and hit the divider.

From Ghost Rider, he became Superman because after that, he literally FLOWN out of his bike and landed right beside us at the left hand side.

That dude was mere INCHES away from getting his head rolled my our car. Had my brother drove any faster, the car would be in understeer and hit that poor fella.

I looked back to see him rolling out of harms way. He collapsed on the roundabout and I didn't see him anymore after that as we came out of the roundabout for our exit. Seriously, I hope that dude is ok...

I couldn't have been thankful to God. It was lucky that I didn't ask my brother to drive faster coz if he did, my brother could've become a murderer.

So folks, the moral of the story here is please, please pleaaasssee drive carefully. Our vehicle is not a toy and the road is not a race track. I've seen enough flying dudes on tv and I'd never like to see any on the roads.

Friday, May 9, 2008

a healthy diet

Long time ago, my sis was hospitalized for some knee operation, and guess what's the menu of the day was?


OI! What soup are you guys giving my sister???

Got "ANCHOVIES" some more!

P/s: Next time I'm hospitalized, I wanna ask them for a slut sandwich...hahaha

somene's being naughty.....hehehe

This happened so long ago, but I didn't notice it until now.

Besides my ugly smile, notice anything wrong?? No? lemme help you there...


Syamil........ You naughty, naughty boy......Behave Syamil....


(This entry was approved by Syamil, aka the Naughty Boy.)

Friday, May 2, 2008

Of Linux mascot and a recycling centre

I was on my way to catch a cab at Section 17 bus station when I saw this banner with this picture


I didn't know Linux operating system is becoming more popular in Malaysia!

Even promoting recycling campaign some more!

Good for you Linux Penguin!