Monday, May 12, 2008

mak aih! sure saket giler.......

I am very thankful that my brother doesn't like to drive fast.

It was last night that this incident happened. We were on our way to section 2 shah alam

The thing is, whenever my brother is sleepy, he always eases up on the gas. And I hate driving slow and/or slow drivers. That night, it was a slow excruciating journey home.

We were taking a roundabout at section 2 near UiTM main campus. Driving it very slowly, my brother took the inside lane of the roundabout and made our way to U turn.

Suddenly, out of no where, a motorcycle came from the roundabout's junction from section 7. That dude was riding TOO FAST for a downhill road. He was like Ghost Rider, I tell you. OUT OF FREAKING NOWHERE!

I guess he had his brakes malfunctioned because he didn't manage to brake in time for the roundabout and hit the divider.

From Ghost Rider, he became Superman because after that, he literally FLOWN out of his bike and landed right beside us at the left hand side.

That dude was mere INCHES away from getting his head rolled my our car. Had my brother drove any faster, the car would be in understeer and hit that poor fella.

I looked back to see him rolling out of harms way. He collapsed on the roundabout and I didn't see him anymore after that as we came out of the roundabout for our exit. Seriously, I hope that dude is ok...

I couldn't have been thankful to God. It was lucky that I didn't ask my brother to drive faster coz if he did, my brother could've become a murderer.

So folks, the moral of the story here is please, please pleaaasssee drive carefully. Our vehicle is not a toy and the road is not a race track. I've seen enough flying dudes on tv and I'd never like to see any on the roads.

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