Friday, May 16, 2008

Why sometimes I hate holidays

It's the holidays again...


Now I can write more blog posts! I can update this effing thing everyday if I want to!
woo hoo!

But, can I?

Since it's semester break again, I'll be back home in Johor. Being back home means being secluded again for the rest of the holidays, as opposed to what I'd have done if I'm in shah alam. If i'm at shah alam right now, i would've gone places and home to me would be the place for me just to sleep and change clothes, like a hotel. huhuhu...

The thing is, when I go out, I find fresh ideas. I find new things, I see people. That's when the inspiration came. The busier the place, the better. But being home, for me to go out to town requires a 30 minutes drive from me and I'm not that rajin.

That's why I rarely update my blog during holidays. But I wanna write blogs dammit!

Wait...Did I just write something.....????

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Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. I'm currently working on the Chapter 4 of my story and my mind went completely blank.