Monday, May 26, 2008

A community service by Safwan

Date: May 22nd 2008, Thursday
Time: 10.30 am
Place: Cosmos World Theme Park, Times Square, KL

The event that happened on this day always happens everyday, with only the players, the place, the date and time that are different.

Dudes and Dudettes in a gang, dressing like they have shit for brains and walking like they own the place, thinking that they are oh so cool.

Eh please lar, you make me sick.

In this case, the dudes that I saw were so small and so young, they look like they haven't even reached puberty yet. I bet my pasar malam wallet that they don't even know what puberty is .

Maybe I should call them dudelings.

But the thing that made me kinda bumped was that those lot were Malays.

I was happily waiting for my friends at McDonalds when these six or seven dudelings passed by. This gang of dudelings wore crappy looking t-shirts and their friggin green high school pants. Hello, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that you lot were skipping schools. Damned idiots.

Then they even took pictures of themselves with the theme park as their background. Yeah, really genius. Why don't you snap pictures of your stupidity? They're worth a thousand words.

At that time, I had half of my mind to just push those kids from the fifth floor down their way to their dusty death. Hahaha....

Skipping schools like they're so genius. Fuck them. Eh, don't they know that their future are at stake here?

Each year, there's bound to be in the news about unemployed graduates. If graduates can't find jobs, let alone those kids!

Don't they know that out of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of SPM candidates, only roughly 30% of them are granted entrance to public universities? So where does other 70% go?

They go to pusat serenti, aka rehab.

"they wanna go to rehab, they say yeah yeah yeah!"

Sorry I digressed. I admit I'm not quite sure about the university stat, but this one I'm sure. I got this during AADK ceramah in Orientation Week while I was doing my pre degree. In 2006, 54% of those who were admitted to rehabs were Malays. My own race. And that percentage ain't dropping, I dare say.

Ok, you might say my points here are pretty shaky. It's what we call "Post hoc ergo propter hoc." (or something like that)

Not all of that roughly 70% really go to rehabs. But the fact remains that they lack higher education. The higher education you have, the more value you have to the society. The more value you have to society, the higher you go up in the level of society.

Can't they see these facts? Are they happy living their future life kais pagi makan pagi kais petang makan petang?

Aahh.. But then again, IGNORANCE IS BLISS.

They find their bliss in ignoring their future life,

And we find our bliss in ignoring that the thing happens everyday and we didn't even bother to lift a finger to curb the problem (except maybe our middle finger).


Anonymous said...

wow, someone's really worried about the future generation! which i think is great.
i mean they're gonna be a part of the future. may end up working with us. so they might as well learn to be responsible from now huh?
but no safwan, u wudnt want to push them to die. then ur future wud be destroyed too. kan?

btw, gi main kat cosmo park tu ke? bess tak?
tak penah main kat situ.

Anonymous said...

Emotionla laa Safwan.
But hey, its true tho. Sometimes I feel like smash their head like Nicol David does. Hahahaha..

Going to rehab is cool what. Britney went there. LiLo, Amy winehouse... Hahahaha... But of coz laa dat one the cozy ones; for the rich and famous.

Next time, you see them ( so-called the dudelings.) , get a shotgun and blow their head off! Hahahaha.

Happy Servicing! :P

safwan said...

if going to rehab is cool,
i'm gonna quit tesl and smoke bongs from now on..