Monday, May 19, 2008

the scariest 40 seconds of my life

It's now 10.36 pm on May 19 2008. Do you know where your brain is?Hahaha....juz joking...

On a more serious note, this has been one of the scariest moments in my life.

Right now, I'm at my brother's place, which is an apartment on 9th floor

While I was busy reading Bleach online, suddenly I felt dizzy as if I am on a merry go round or something. And I felt the chair I sat on SWAYED. At first, I thought it was fatigue from the journey from Johor to KL, but I saw the water in my cup that I placed on the monitor desk also SWAYED. Fuck. This is an earthquake.

My dad stirred from his sleep beside me. I asked him,

"Ayah, ayah rase rumah ni goyang tak?"

"Rasa.." he replied..

It continued for a couple more times.

During that time, I saw flashes of the future. Is this gonna be the way that I die, to be crushed by a 13 storey building? Would I survive?

I prayed to God. I recited Kalimah Syahadah, and asked Him for mercy.

I haven't have my wishlist fulfilled yet for a start. I haven't graduated. I haven't got any girlfriends. I haven't got dean's list award. I haven't married yet... And I haven't had my two sons and three daughters from my marriage to my future wife.

After what I think about 30-40 seconds or so, it seized. I thank God.

My dad went back to sleep. I was like, what happened? Is it earthquake...?? Maybe this'll be tomorrow's news if it's really an earthquake somewhere in Indonesia. If it's not, my brother and his family really should consider moving out.


It turns out there really was an earthquake after all.. 6.1 on the Richter Scale somewhere in Sumatera. It was in the news.

Guess my brother and his family don't need to move out after all...


Anonymous said...

so was it? an earthquake i mean. i dont read the papers nor do i watch the news. yeaa, teruk i know. but was it?

and 2 sons n 3 daughters huh? good plan u got there. :p

safwan said... was an earthquake, i think... happened somewhere at indonesia..huhuhuhu

safwan said...

thx for the compliment about the plan...;P

gotta be prepared for everything, u know what i mean...??