Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Having been blogging for a while. Need to sort things out a bit.

Decided not to continue with the chart. Will be too degrading and will bring shame to me in a very bad way.


Sorry Nurul...

Dah malas nak blogging, tetiba ko paksa aku tulis pasal Shout! Awards..

Gambar pun aku tak amik...

Aku pun da lupa sapa perform....Hahaha....

Tapi aku try ah sebest mungkin nak kutuk2 performance diorg.


Opening performance was a bit WTF?

They darken the whole stadium so that the performing people who wore glow in the dark suits would look kinda cool.

It would, if we could actually see the effect. And the choreography needs to be improved in its creativity.

Bunkface was alright.

Seriously jealous with Caprice. When I have trouble finding one girl to go on a date with me, he got two busloads of hot cheerleaders dancing for him in the skimpiest clothing allowed by Malaysian TV Censorship Board.

Tribute to Michael Jackson would have been more heart touching without the rapper performing with Jac.

Joe Flizzow, The President kinda wowed the audience a bit. He got a friggin Bentley Continental GT on the friggin stage ok!

Sean Kingston seriously need discipline training. While presenting the award, he missed the cue to walk to the stage, he didn't know which mic to use, which way to face. Obviously he did not go to the rehearsals.

He kinda made up by making the audience go crazy with his performance. They were restless, I tell you. Maybe coz he set the dance floor on fire.

That was one hell of a weekend. Thanks to Nik Nurul Ain, who used her seducing skillz to get extra tickets for me, Michelle, Yus, Iqa, Ida and In.

You should work as a spy.

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pokpih said...

pasni kite pegi silent award jom