Sunday, February 15, 2009

The perfect way to say "OMG You're So Fat" to a perfect stranger 2

Jeng, Hajar , Fiqah and I were at Al Rafi Bistro for late night supper.

I've just had my dinner before that and were still full, so I just ordered a drink. Hajar too. Jeng ordered Roti Canai with cheese and mayonnaise and Fiqah ordered USA Fried Rice. You know, the fried rice with beef and egg. It's a kind of dish for people who really are hungry.

Jeng's order came first.

After a while, Fiqah's order came up.

The mamak went to our table, with full confidence and without a doubt whatsoever, placed the fried rice in front of me.

" Watafak? Yakin je ko kan aku yang order nih?" I said to the mamak.

AMEK HANG! Tempah-Neraka-Statement up your ass.

And Jeng, Fiqah and Hajar were like "Rilek Bear, Rilek... Hahahahaha"

Moral of the story: You gotta have Unconditional Positive Regard and Non Judgmental attitude when you serve as a counselor and waiter.


Ibrahim said...

And a teacher?

kayNe said...

dia terconditioned mcmtu nak buat mcmane..

Diyana said...

Dude, what did the mamak said later on? Apologise or just say, "Compliments from chef" untuk cover malu atau flash you an irritated look on his face or did he yell at you?

Gila kelakar.

hajar::aisyah said...


i still cannot forget the telur masin thingy

S.H.A.Z.A. said...

i want t0 laugh kesian but i am in the library.
gee..kena tahan ketawa..
sabar ye.