Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What the fish?

A couple of days ago, I, along with my mates for Methodology of Teaching Listening and Speaking creative project went shopping at Tesco.

I guess they noticed this. I kinda lagged behind all the time and had to catch up to them.

In a way, I was scared that they might think that I am not participating. I'm sorry. But, rest assured guys, I will try to give my contribution to the project.

The thing that made me lagged behind aside of my tiredness was I found this strange looking fella.



I looked closer at the price, and saw this.


You meant "ABUSIVE FISH".......

You abuse people with your B/O .... (Body Odor)

Thanks, but no thanks.

I will not part with my hard earned Rm16.90 to have a toy fish who will abuse me with his body odor.

I took a quick look at his friend, the spider.

And for some strange reasons, the spider is blue.

Yes, BLUE.

Again, I looked at the price tag, and saw the same thing.

No wonder he's such in a blue mood....

Scientists invented the shower pipes not for fun, Ok?


Or else you will be in a blue mood and abuse people with your Body Odor


nashrah said...

hahahahha safwan i seriously x prasan u were lagging behind. mayb i was really into this creative project hahaha

hajar::aisyah said...

haha.. u did not lag for nothing, for sure..
funny things u found there~

adila lalala said...

sometimes u r like spongebob.,haha..

Nadzrah said...

ko x mandi ape???

fingerscrossed said...


I always see that fish in Jonker!
kinda scary...
ia bergerak dengan sendiri!
cuba bayangkan kalau kamu tengah tido
ikan itu bergerak gerak
walaupun kamu telah off beliau...


safwan said...

To nashrah: haha...maybe kot...

to hajar: hehe...pastu missed out important decisions....ting tong gile kot!

to adilla: motif spongebob???

to nadzrah: ikan ngan spider tu la yg tak mandi!

to fingerscrossed: Dem! dah la aku fobia hantu! ko jangan weh!

Ms. Sleepyhead said...

u've been tagged!!!!~