Sunday, August 10, 2008

The story of you and me

This is my first poem after 1 solid year of inspirationless...

The story of you and me

I can still recall the story of you and me

It's the day I said I love you
then you said you loved me too
then we were together
looked like it'd last forever

but one day you got bored with me and looked for another man
but it's not any ordinary man, it's my best friend.
It all came so suddenly out of the blue
you left me there thinking what have I done wrong to you.

It took years for me to snap back into reality
And I moved on with my life happily
Seriously, I thought this was the end of the story
Come this fateful day, you came back looking for me

You said remember the times when we were together?
We used to do crazy things together
Then you said we still have our future together
just picture the faces of our future sons and daughter

I don't know about you, but I think it's full of crap
It got me thinking whether it's another trap
so just get away from me and leave me be
Coz I've got better things to do than rewriting the story of you and me.


It's got nothing to do with me, my life, my friends, or whosoever you can think of.


penanya said...

wah! puitisnya! kawan herne? kirim slm haram jadah sama dia ya?~ mekasehhhh

safwan said...

terima kasih...

salam akan disampaikan kepadanye....

S O U L - O said...

reflektif btol sajak ni..
pada sapa2 yg pernah mengalami cinta sedemikian,
bawa2 bersabar ya..
luckily im still soul-o.
ahakz (",)

Death Nur said...

Hello my scandal..this is 'you know who'.. well, here's my blog add..dont pass it around and if you put it in your bloggers list, put my name under some weird anonymous nick. I dont want others to actually know..huhu..

safwan said...

to taufik: thx....penat sa menjiwai watak ni! huhuhuhu

to ms death:arahan diterima....

kekda said...

kekgi org suruh ayoh bace entry mu nih.

Azie Nazri said...

hmm, thats weird.
im pretty sure ive already commented on this one.
wonder where'd it go..

safwan said...

hmm.....nnt i check blk....