Monday, August 18, 2008

FAQs about me

Who are you?
I'm Safwan. just an average joe. you can call me Wang, Beruang, Bear, Leman or whatever name that's good.

Who gave you those nicks?
A law dude named Irfan gave me the name "Bear". He said I'm cute. But I beg to differ. Hakim, another law dude gave me the name Leman. Comes from the brand of my shirt. moral of the story, never buy pasar malam shirts.

You really like to camwhore, don't you?
Yes I do.

But you are ugly!
Ugly is the new beauty. (A stupid self-motivation by me)

What do you do?
I'm still studying...taking up TESL.

Wah...TESL SIOT!!....Then you must be good in English kan..??
Unfortunately, my English still needs improving. that's why you'll find some grammar errors here and there. Do point it out to me ya?

Why do you blog?
I blog so that I can entertain myself. I have funny things happening everyday and I want to document it so I can read them again later.

Shared pain is half pain, shared joy is double joy. that's why I blog those funny events so that others can have a laugh or two with me.

Why "Slip of Tongue"?
I dunno. It just came out of nowhere.

Your blog URL is too long lar...
Well, that's because another dude has got his hands first for first before I did. that's why I have to use instead. DON'T GET CONFUSED TAU!

Just bookmark my blog if you can't remember my URL....If you use Mozilla Firefox, click the orange thing that looks like wave thingy next to the address in URL bar...then add to live bookmark update. so next time if you wanna check whether I have updated or not, just click that thing and it'll tell you.

You are so fat lar...
So that I can Hempap you without mercy. I tend to do that when I get pissed off.

Why in the hell are you making this FAQs?
Because my first post, which is supposed to tell you about me is lame.

So you think this post is not lame?
I dunno....I think this is lame too...maybe I should post a stupid picture of me instead.

Ok..That's gross...Moving on, are you single?
Yep. single from birth.

You must be quite desperate.
I think so. Read here. The closest person who I came close to being coupled is this. I shouldn't reveal her name coz of some reasons.

If I ask you another question, would you answer it?

Ok, I'm gonna ask the question.. Can I stop asking?


Diyana said...

Lol. I should make this for my blog.

mojax said...


WaWa Shanana Diva said...

comellah entry ni. secomel orangnye. (:

safwan said...

glad u guys liked it..:)

Azie Nazri said...


safwan said...

glad u like it too azie...hehehe

Fits said...

hahahahahahahha!!!! bes2...

ims4eva said...

Oh God, I just realised that I am an avid reader of your blog. Most of your posts are so hilariously funny!

Keep posting, QUICK!

safwan said...

to fits and ims: glad u guys like it too... and i will be posting another hopefully funny post....hehehe

helanistic.herneo said...

who asked these questions?
omg.mcm kena tag.

safwan said...

ni question wat sendiri....
takde sape2 tag pon...huhuhuhu

nak mencapab kot...