Monday, August 25, 2008

Strange picture

Just realized that this picture existed in my laptop.

Kinda strange, see?

I looked like I got a divine revelation, my brother looked like he got a divine retribution.

So guys, never mess with a Sumpah laknat.


pih said...


S O U L - O said...

if TYRA BANKS sees this pic,
she'll be like
"nice angle"
"u r smiling wit ur eyes"
"catch the light"
and guess what,
both of u will not land in d bottom two of ANTM.
too merepek suda sia ni..

ims4eva said...

Couldn't help laughing. The pix really portrays the words you stated: revelation, retribution. Good choice of words, btw. Like it.

Diyana said...

Lol! Reminds me of a group picture for choir club in my school during 2004 for the school magazine, except for the fact that the guy who stared like that had a very cheesy smile.

safwan said...

to pih: hahaha...turun hidayah....kool gile...

to taufik: imagination tinggi2 tu bagus...tanda kreatif...huhuhu

to ims: glad u liked it...;)

to diyana: kool2...

kekda on iMekDa said...

epiphany? epiPOHny? e-PIH-POH-ni?