Monday, August 25, 2008


The Olympic is over...

Malaysia managed to get a silver from badminton athlete, Lee Chong Wei.

Though only silver, the perks that dude got kinda looked like he just won 10 golds. Just a silver and he got Rm300k plus Rm3k monthly allowance till that dude die, and Datuk in his name (as if we haven't got enough Datuks already). WTF . Damn..... Just imagine if that dude won gold. Maybe he can be the next Prime Minister.


S O U L - O said...

nice symbolism of that kueh with olympic logo.
i missed this game from d beginning.
wish i had tv~

ims4eva said...

Prime Minister? Agree. All of us will be SPARTANS!

safwan said...

to taufik: haha..those were mcd onion rings...kinda delicious but it's a heart attack waiting to happen!

to ims: hahaha....kinda hard to imagin that...hahaha

irma-ain ibrahim said...

tu melampau la..
but suma hadiah tu berbaloi.
dia berusaha keras.
2nd in the world tau.

btw i'm cried ms closing. heheh. pilu.

S.H.A.Z.A. said...

hey..i l0ve lee ch0ng wei! i think it is awes0me that he br0ught back medal f0r us. happy dia dapat title datuk.0k what. bukannya bidang sukan yang lain bawa balik pingat..bukan title tan sri 0r tun least title Datuk yang sah. bukannya title yang dibeli..hehehe..s0me did that y0u kn0w.