Wednesday, August 27, 2008


To Liutenant Adnan,

To Bukit Kepong Heroes

To Tunku Abdul Rahman and his comrades

And to the unsung heroes of Malaya Independence,

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.

Happy Independence Day.


irma-ain ibrahim said...

bang,bila hari lahir malaysia?
bila bendera siap?
sapa buat bendera?

ha,cepat jawab.. hehehe. ;p

safwan said...

hari lahir malaysia: 16 september 1963

bila bendera siap sy tak tau

sapa wat pon tak tau.

tapi saya cinta malaysia.... XD

irma-ain ibrahim said...

ok. anda dpt 1 markah je.

meh sy ajar abg ye.
bendera siap n 1st berkibar pd 26 mei 1950.

org yg buat bendera ialah mohamed hamzah. org johor.

after 40 years kit pggil bendera malaysia,pd 97 kita pggl jalur gemilang n tmbh baris2 tuh.

ok.sila ingat! :)

irma-ain ibrahim said...
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Death Nur said...

I agree... but my dear scandal.. typo..huhu...

on the topic...

play safe and say what - you gottas read in my blog..


IMS said...

I raised flag during the celebration, and I also attended the concert afterward.

The differences are: I didn't feel anything in the former, while totally enthusiastic during the later performance.

Does it matter?