Sunday, August 31, 2008

Random politic thoughts

This entry will be full of curse words. To those who cannot bear to see one or two in every sentence, I'd advise you to press [CTRL+W] or [ALT+F4] to close down the damn window.


My brother, who is a computer programmer, is now in UK doing some computer project thingy.

I wish him the best of luck, and balik Malaysia cepat2.

Coz I wanna ask him how to read Raja Petra's blog without getting blocked. Maybe hack into the system and fuck things up (if he can).

Dah la stesen TV, radio, newspaper semua jilat bontot kerajaan, bloggers pon nak kena jilat jugak ke?

Camtu skali ke nak brainwash? By only allowing ass-kissing news out?

Kata mereka media kita makin transparent. Fuck transparent. Hari2 jilat bontot kedut diorg.

I'm not anti government, I'm not pro gevernment.

I'm just a person who wants to see media transparency. Transparency as in the news are not about kissing government's ass and fucking up the opposition. Transparency as in the medias are free in publishing news without fear. Transparency as in reporting the news as it is.


Yes, I read Raja Petra's blog. I read it coz his English is very good. Much of his style of writing has influenced me in some ways.

I still hate politics.


Death Nur said...

Not Fair..
You never seem to comment my blog entries.. not good enuf or not fun enuf is it?


S O U L - O said...

wah! so berapi la this entry! sia pun mau berapi juga la.
honestly, i dun give a damn about politics. I dislike things dat r related with it. I'm so not into polictics! warghhh~~

mojax said...





safwan said...

to fiqah: dah komen..hehehe...

to taufik: yep... join da club...huhuhu

to moja: love politik gile2, nnt ajak politic masuk minang....hehehe..

to all:still takleh blah kenape takut sangat ngan raja petra...kalo salah charge je la kat court..kalo betul toksah la gatal2 memimpin... block access to his blog WTF??? kata no censure??

WaWa Shanana Diva said...

haha. I DIDN'T know you link my blog here! *Terharu*

Politics: never listed in my vocab.

Selamat Beerouasa. MP3 kita sama. Sama ke? (:

WaWa Shanana Diva said...

oopsie. Berpuasa.

That's what you get when you stay awake and deliver a one helluva presentation to no one's understanding. I bet. Haha.

safwan said...

ni biggie la wawa...huhuh

mine was listed, but now deleted. without remorse.hahaha

i dunno ur mp3... mine's a sony...

IMS said...

COMMERCIAL BREAK: Even Youtube is blocked (banned 24/7) for no good reason.

safwan said...

to ims: maybe it's pnly for jati college folks.....coz i can surf sewenangg wenangnye...hehehhe

liladila said...

i need to say this,,no matter how much you loathe politics, u got to know it,,its a must,,just so you are aware of what actually eh-pening in the country,,