Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Malish language

In Malaysia, there used to be two different version of Malay Language.

The pure Malay language, and the rojak Malay language.

Pure Malay language is when you use Malay and only Malay words and forms in the sentences. For example, "Kurang bijak sungguh pemandu kereta dihadapan itu. kenapakah dia menukar lorong tanpa memberi isyarat??"

Rojak Malay language is when you "spice" it up with English words. For instance, "Fuck la orang depan tu. Tukar lane tak bagi signal WTF???"

Now, I noticed that there's another version of Malay language, which is Malish. It's the bastardized version of Malay language.

For example:


Kuasa Rejuvenasi???

REJUVENASI????? Malay language have a word called "penyegaran" ok??

Just when I thought Malay language couldn't be bastardized any further, here comes another....

KONSULTANSI??? Which word are you trying to borrow? Consultant or consultation???? Since when does English have a word called CONSULTANTION??? And why can't you say "Bilik perundingan" instead??? Is Malay language vocabulary that limited????


I love Malay language. It's beautiful. Please... Do me a favor.. If you're thinking of borrowing a word from another language to "beautify" Malay language,

Ask "Professor Safwan" before you bastardize it any further. or else I'll be bastardizing you.


nashrah said...

hahaha this post is so funny :)) must u put that picture :)) oh safwan u crack me up real good.

safwan said...

just can't help it..
I was born camwhorer....


S O U L - O said...

nice entry safwan!
ada lagi a lot of other words..

konklusi (conclusion)?
konkusi (concussion?)?

n bla bla...

helanistic.herneo said...

prof safwan?
bagaimana pula dengan ejakulasi?

Solitary Ace said...


love this particular entry, though it has awfully TONS of profanities considering this is Ramadhan..


sabarlah wahai safwan
manusia tidak sepi dari melakukan kesilapan..

mungkin jugak mereka fikir mereka hebat...hehehe..

safwan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
safwan said...

to fiqah: compose blog ni time dah bukak pose kot...bole la gune profanities...hahahaha

Solitary Ace said...





not fair dude..

not bout the profanes..
bout another thing..

safwan said...

to taufik: thx...! glad u liked it... Malay language has been defiled too much.... Love BM!

to Herne: Senang je... Tapi Prof Safwan takleh nak jawab kat sini..Ade kiddies bace kang...Tak seswai...hehehe

to comment deleted: Had to delete my own comment coz just realized that there are kiddies reading my blog. sex education to kiddies is a no-no. but profanities ok.. diorg ade mtv kot.

to fiqah: erm....didn't quite get what u mean...can u email it if it's not suitable here..?

Azie Nazri said...

ya Allah herne!!!! HAHAHAHA.

bahasa malaysia dah teikut2 budaya bahasa indonesia yang sering menyesuaikan bahasanya dengan bahasa lain.

we, malays have to learn to be more original.

Anonymous said...

ala brudabear, ok r tuh...nmpak sanggeh sket bahasa kite...ohhooo

safwan said...

to azie: true2....kalo malay language dah ade specific word that can describe it accurately, just use it lar...no need to memelayukan bahasa lain...

to anonymous: kalo pinjaman tu seswai ok la..yg ni tak seswai kot.it's an abomination.... huhuhu...

kekda on iMekDa said...

abg leman nih funny laa~
i loikkee~
mane cite cepit kuku yg mak+ayah request tuh?
pls publish it, pls..pls..
plss pwetty plss..two cherries on top plss~

aina said...

oh soo this is the post u guys were talking about!

hahhahahhahahhahahhahhahaha.i loike it.it's soo funny.kudos safwan!

Diyana said...

You know what, pengasingan, penyegaran and perundingan sounds better than isolasi, rejuvenasi and konsultasi.

Malay is a very beautiful language and we should not let it be butchered by those words.

In Indonesia, they have a court called Mahkamah Konstitusi. I'd rather call it Mahkamah Perlembagaan.

safwan said...

to kekda al qaeda: hehehe... nnt ah org tulis pasal tu..tgh bertapa 40 hari 40 malam nk cari ilham...hehehe...jgn risau..sonny yang baik mengikut kata mummy and daddy...hahaha...

to aina: Yep, the very same post...Thx..! Glad u liked it! XD

to diyana:true2. mahkamah konstitusi sounds like so wannabe

IMS said...

IMHO it's not the matter of beauty, it's the matter of simplicity (i.e. why must use English word when we can understand Malay word better?). Thank you for providing us good examples there, bro.

It's pitiful if that evidences are taken from a university that pretends to uphold Malay community, language as well as its culture.

I've read some theses (in Bahasa Malaysia) that made use many of these 'Malish' terms to make their writings look great. Their ego of holding the title (Prof?) doesn't portray their idea, yet their superciliousness --- in the end will only make people have doubt on their credibility.

Peregrine said...

Good post.