Monday, September 29, 2008


Taufiq tagged me..

the last 3 things U purchased?
Top up Touch n Go (for balik kampung)
Minyak Petrol (also for balik kampung)
air pandan ais at section 2 bazaar

the last 3 songs U downloaded?
Silly lily (bunkface)
Fall for you (secondhand serenade)
The hall of the mountain king (maksim)

the last 3 places U visited?
Granpa's house
Chekyam's house

3 favourite movies?
Smokin aces
scary movies, all four
definitely, maybe (the only jiwang movie that i think is good)

3 favourite possessions?
harry potter books
mp3 player
ilmu di dada dan kepala.

3 things U cannot live without?
disturbing people and causing occasional mayhem sometimes.

what would be ur 3 wishes?
George bush will be dead
semua lecturer2 bersepakat sempena raya ni diorang bagi A++ kat suma student
dapat 1000 wishes more

3 things u haven't done yet?
make my blog become famous worldwide
create a poem for mission confession
drift a car

3 favourite dishes?
Secret Recipe's vietnamese beef noodle
Chicken rice shop's braised chicken set
jCo's oreo donut

3 celebrities U wanna hang out with?
Afdlin Shauki
50 cent

3 things that freak U out?
DARKNESS. (If it weren't for my roomate, i'd sleep with the lights on)
horror movies

3 unusual things U are good at?
digging my nose while shifting gear (leaves the steering wheels unattended)
camwhoring. my camwhoring pics can make you weep.
cooking western foods. (sape nak homemade spageti alfredo? tak main la instant sauce.)

3 things U are coveting?
new laptop
new handphone
new house

3 bloggers U are tagging?
sape sape saje.....


S O U L - O said...

sa bagi A+!
keep up d gud work
aiseh ~ (",)

Diyana said...

Cool. Let's trade recipe. Your alfredo for my lasagna.

Anyway, I like braised chicken set too. They're much more tastier than the roasted and steamed sets.