Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Safwan vs Rats: The Return of the Rat

Remember about my fight with a rat? (click the link to read)

I just returned from breaking fast at my brother's house last Sunday. Right after I arrived in Shah Alam, my room mate told me a rat suddenly dropped out of nowhere and landed on his shoulder while he was showering. He reckoned it dropped from the water tank inside the bathroom.

He said "It's big, it's brown, but not juicy."


The rat's back. Seems that falling out from fourth floor didn't teach that rat any lessons.

Looks like I have to open up another can of ass-whoopin'.

This time, I'm gonna be prepared.

I'm gonna be silent. I'm gonna be stealthy. I'm not gonna be easy on them.

I'm gonna buy a bottle of rat poison.


S O U L - O said...

kasihanilah makhluk tuhan bernama pinky and the brain itu..

p/s: waa tragik juga masi ada tikus.. kena poison gak makhluk tu samada maw or tak maw..

Solitary Ace said...


same prob here.. my housemate yg kena.. gile horror..


checkout ma new entries in my blog..

aina said...

hhahhahhahhahhaa.safwan ur posts are soo funny.they crack me up:)

i have rats at my hse too and its uber annoying.i think their secret hiding place is on the roof.maybe u ought to check ur roof?hehe

safwan said...

to taufik: tak boleh...nanti pinky and the brain tu take over the world...

to fiqah: will do...hehehe

to aina: thx..!my house is on the fourth floor out of fith, so technically i don't have a roof kot....hmm......

Azie Nazri said...

same prob here.
but we have those booby traps that work pretty good.
have caught around 5 dah kut.
we put all sorts of things.
roti, ikan, tulang ayam.
apparently they eat them if they're too hungry.

but the funny thing is, if we catch one that night, the following nights after that, there wouldnt be any.
maybe ketua tikus buat mesyuarat untuk ingatkan rakyat tikus jelata untuk jangan masuk perangkap kami.

tapi aritu we got this HUGE one and me and my housemates were like so proud. yeaa, i know. kejam kan?

so try perangkap tikus. good luck!

Diyana said...

Agree with Azie. Try rat booby traps, especially the flavoured sticky paper (my parents used it once tak tau working ke tak).

Anyway, what works on rats doesn't necessarily work on lizards. You have rat problems, I have lizard problem. Only that we made peace. They don't bother me. I won't bother them.

PS: That picture of you is really cute.