Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My house was invaded.

I don’t know why, but my house in Shah Alam always seems to attract unwanted visitors.

During the semester break, it was broken into by what I thought to be an organization called “A Syndicate of Sissies” (ASS).

Last night, it was broken into by my eternal non human nemesis, RATS.

I was about to write an entry about my previous chemistry teacher when a BIG BROWN but not so juicy rat came through MY WINDOW, into MY ROOM.

Don’t ask me how it got in, but it did. Maybe it flew.

I rose quickly and opened the door hoping that it would go out to the living room.

It did. But the thing is, since Zafi decided to sleep in the living room, I needed to get that rat out of it without waking him up.

I opened the door leading to the balcony, and chased it out of the balcony with my folded sejadah.

That fucking rat ran out, climbed the balcony wall while squeaking cheerfully at my futile attempts to bash it. Dammit....!

I raised my hand while clenching the folded sejadah like a croissant, and WHAM! I whooped that fucking rat’s ass all the way down from third floor, missing landing Fahim’s motorcycle cage by mere inches.



Yet, it’s still very much alive.
But that ought to teach that rat a lesson not to go inside my house ever again.

SAFWAN = 1, Rats = 0


Diyana said...

Sounds like you had a rat fight. Get it? Cat fight rat fight?

Hope it will ACTUALLY teach rats a lesson not to go inside your house.

It doesn't work on lizards though.

moja said...


I laughed my heart out whilst reading this. Rat? Geez. Hahaahahahah!

It's actually a sign; 'clean your house, bebeh!'

irma-ain ibrahim said...

yeay! safwan menang.
moja betul. bersihkan rumah.
nati mereka buat sarang dlm timbuna baju2 kurung. haha. :D