Friday, July 25, 2008

Pimped up bus

Finally, after about 3 semesters of persuasion, my parents gave me one of their cars. With it, I can commute to classes easier and didn't have to wait for buses.

But I sure am gonna miss riding this particular bus.

You see, this bus ain't no ordinary bus.


It's just the tip of the iceberg. Check this out!

How often do you see a "Hawaiian Theme Bus?!" This bus owner has put Rapid KL to shame I tell you!

And the genius plan behind this is, if he's not having a good day, he can always take his money from here...

I swear he used to have a lot more money posted up there than before.....Probably he used some of it to buy fuel...

The problem that I noticed with this bus is that it took nearly half an hour to go from Section 2 to Section 17, which only supposed to take roughly 10 minutes if you take Rapid KL. It probably due to the fact that this bus driver likes to take things slow.

You see, I noticed that he never shifts into fourth gear. Oi! Scientists also invented fourth gear ok??

It also takes about 30 seconds for the bus to reach from 0-40km/h, and for 0-60km/h it takes about a week.

But I like this bus. There's no sense of urgency, which makes you feel relaxed. The owner also plays songs from the 70's, though I find it revolting, it suits other people especially the mak ciks. And I'm cool with that. Some of it are really nice songs.

Another cool thing with this bus is, it doesn't use bells. It uses sirens I tell you! Check this out!

That'd put criminals on guard everytime people were trying to get off from this bus....Hahaha....

I like taking bus rides from this pak cik. It gives the passengers the sense of satisfaction from riding something that's pimped up.

Since they don't have a pimped up ride, they take a ride from a pimped up bus.

So in Shah Alam, if niggaz here are feelin like a pimp, they can either brush their shoulders off, or take a ride from this bus.

Ya dig?


Diyana said...

This is the second post that makes a song playing in my head. Instead of the Frank Sinatra song like the one from Mr Ki's post. The song right now is some kind of a Hawaiian song.


Don't forget the ukelele that is playing in the background.

Looks like he made a lot of effort in presentation.

Kidah Sofea Olumis said...

i know this bus... been on it!!! like... i miss shah alam owh!!despite the unbearable heat... humidity... huhuhu

Azie Nazri said...

noone can beat the Rapid KL owned by Abang Emo. HAHA.

safwan dah ada keta. yeay2! bleh tumpang! :p

Anonymous said...

Интересно написано....но многое остается непонятнымb