Thursday, July 3, 2008

Burning questions

Before we go further, I want to make it clear that I do not support any political parties whatsoever. Malaysian politics are too boring anyways. I'll try to be as impartial as I can..

Now, Anwar Ibrahim faces yet another charge of sodomy.

I simply can't grasp the concept of sodomy.
What kind of fun is it that you get when you insert your big bird into another man's shit hole?
To me,It's just plain disgusting. Stupid Gay-ism. If this is Zaman Nabi, Malaysia will be obliterated from the earth.

Back to Anwar's case.

In this case, I don't know what to believe in.

If 1998's case was a true case, obviously doing jail time failed to deliver the punishment. If 1998 case was a set up, then the conspirators are maybe out of ideas on how to pin that guy down.

Maybe the conspirators thought the rakyat will believe it, you know? They say he did it in 1998, why not have a 10 year anniversary celebration by sodomizing someone else in 2008?

That's why I will not pass my judgment into this matter until I can ask a few questions to the victim.

1) How big Anwar's dick is?
Is it long and hard or short and limp? You'll know it because you've been sodomized by him on repeated accounts as you claim here.

2) Why didn't you report it the first time he had sodomized you?
Please don't tell me you were enjoying those.. (I'm joking...) If your safety was threatened, I can understand..

3) I don't see any defense wound you inflicted on Anwar. Were you resisting him at all during those accounts?
Scratch his face maybe, or maybe tied his dick into a knot or whatever...? Besides, you didn't tell us about your injuries.. In the papers you merely said you submitted your medical reports, and basically that's it. No details made public....

These are the burning questions I want to ask the victim. Just so I know that what he claimed is not a political conspiracy set up by the higher ups.

Conspiracy or not, either way, I couldn't care less. Politic sucks more than a vacuum cleaner. Period.

Geez, I must've been watching too much Prison Break. Conspiracies and all.. Better play DotA...


irma-ain ibrahim said...

xde la bosan sgt politic m'sia ni.
best tau bila tgk org yg slh but cuba sedaya upaya tu hide it.

in anwar's case,it something like sendiri buat sendiri pura2 tuduh org.

altantuya's case lgi menarik. ;)

moja said...

Conspiracy or not, this Question will remain open till the Judgement Day I think. Too much dirty tricks, here and there. Getting sick of it. But somehow, these questions crossed my head;

1) If this sodomy case was fabricated by the Government, do you think that the Gov is THAT stupid to use the same, lame trick? Hmm...

2) Is Anwar trying to provoke more supports from rakyat jelata just like during the Reformasi period? Hmm..

3) What on earth is Anwar thinking? (ok, this is the main idea actually. )


Sodomized Citizen of Malaya,

safwan said...

to irma: In my opinion, politic bosan sbb Dota lagi best. Nnt ade reason ut carut2 dan melepas tensen.

to moja: that's why I hate politics.And I think I have some opinions on your questions..

1)maybe that trick is not stupid at all, you know. he's been convicted once, and charging him again with the same allegation actually reinforces the first case in 1998, and it works just as well right now. It's a masterstroke, this is.

2)What kind of support can you get by sodomizing another man..? The only support the rakyat is gonna give him is screams of "GAY!" If you ask me, die hard fans of him will be cast into doubts, and the haters will have another reason to hate him.

3) I have a strong feeling that Anwar is thinking about Hentai coconuts. I don't know why.

moja said...


The die-hard fans unearthly cried this out loud:

(four syllables right there!)

and yes, this is simpler:

"GAY" or "PERV"

sounds cooler eyh?!

Lady of Lala Land said...

god, what's with u n his dick? nvm tht.. i don't know wht to believe in this. i just don't think he's gay and for a really young guy to have a really expensive apartment, more like a condo, is quite unreal. just three months ago, he came asking for a loan from mr. najib. wtf was tht? you can't be that rich in a real short time, u gotta come from the right background to do afford the house. i don't know. it just doesn't make any sense. yeah, the world just doesn't make any sense, does it?
here i am, more crapping on somebody's blog. sorry dude.. :)

Diyana said...

Politics in Malaysia are not boring if you ask me. They're just way too much for my brain to take. I keep getting dizzy from trying to keep up with them.

Honestly, I rather read cases and books no matter how long they are. They made more sense anyway.

Politics have waaay too many propaganda and conspiracies that I can no longer tell which one is right and wrong anymore.

I still don't get about him hiding in Turkish Embassy though. Honestly, there are other places to hide.

And Altie's (Altantuya) case is going to be a very very very very long one.

safwan said...

to lady of lala land:
hahaha...don't get me wrong..I'm not obsessed with the dick of a man as old as my dad..

You see, being the victim, he should be able to see Anwar's big bird, and if we can somehow compare the statement from the vic and the real size, you you can know the truth of the allegations...

It has happened in courts you know, Good ol' Karpal Singh once defended his client (a PAS member) against a Puteri Umno member in court.

The Puteri Umno charged the PAS dude of yanking his big bird to her in public during one of the byelection (I cant remember when). Karpal asked the same question to the puteri UMNO and apparently the Puteri UMNO didn't answer the question correctly..And apparently the PAS dude won the case...hahaha...

Hmm...That's something new...I didn't know that...

i don't mind..Welcome to my blog...


miss kruger said...

ok laa tuh...
camne lagi nk carik makan/keje kalo dh pointer 0.8 je~
pawaruttt tulll dpt peluang diliwat anwar..bontot terpilih tuuu~

p/s:- pls abandon my language.. tgh sengal nk exam~

Azie Nazri said...

if only the actions or more exact, sins of others wouldnt effect the people as whole.
but no, ALLAH wants us to know that living as his servants, as his Khalifahs, we have responsibilities.
it would be easier if we just let them do all they want with whatever that they have but it doesnt work that way.
thats why we need dakwah in our lives.
to remind each other of what is right and what is wrong.
we humans constantly need to be reminded.
so perhaps these politicians have forgotten their real responsibilities as the representatives of the rakyat, of us.
perhaps the power has made them feel that they are entitled to do anything and everything they want. because afterall, we did choose them and indirectly telling them that they deserve to have the power.
perhaps they have forgotten that everything and i do mean EVERYTHING comes from ALLAH.
so this is where all the absurdity comes. because we forget.
tak malukah kita sebagai umat Islam dan Melayu kepada bangsa2 lain?

im sory safwan.
like u, i have no interest whatsoever in politics. either here or anywhere.
and i dont take any sides either.
but i do know that all politics do is encourage people to not unite.

and again, sory if this is too long. :p

safwan said...

well said azie...
pretty much sums up what I've been feeling all along...

lagi senang kalo gune sistem khalifah..takpon musywararah...

takde la gaduh2 nk pancing undi n naikkan nama...

I don't mind long comments...I'm glad to know we're sharing the same hatred...hahaha

kayNe said...

what i learned from BTN is
'politik itu tidak kotor, manusia yang telah mengotorkannya'

well, heck, it is dirty already.

shaza said...

interesting. never th0ught 0f that. t0 ask him ab0ut his dick as he claimed that had s0d0mised him. interesting. f0r me, this political game is similar t0 g0ssip c0z we d0 n0t kn0w the truth and all we kn0w is this pers0n is saying this, that pers0n is claiming that..t0o much news being published in the newspaper just make me wanna puke t0 read any.its like reading pancaindera 24/7. eww..weekend is enuf. i rather watch g0ssip girl. lalala~~

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