Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Jim Carrey, before he became famous, once wrote a 10 million Dollars cheque and kept it in his pocket. Now, he earns about twenty million Dollars for a movie. Several years later after he became famous, he tucked the ten million Dollars cheque in his father's pocket before his burial.

Scott Adams was a lowly technology worker and used to get meager salary. In the cubicle of his office, he spent his free time doodling. One day, he decided to write "I wanna be a syndicated comic artist" FIFTEEN TIMES A DAY. Now, he is the comic artist of Dilbert, which is now published over 1000 newspapers worldwide.

What do these two dudes have in common?

They write their goals. They write it, they keep it close, and they work hard to make their goals come true.

I was always the lazy one to write my goals in motivation camps during UPSR, PMR, and SPM. At that time, I thought, "Que sera, sera." Whatever will be, will be. Apa nak jadi, jadi la.

Now, seeing their success, I think I should write my own goals from now on.

1) I want to stop being mediocre, and score at least 4 dean list award during my study.

2) I want to further my studies overseas, and work in a University either in Japan of USA. So that I can teach either Malaysian studies or ESL.

3) I want a Professor in my name.

4) I want to have at least a thousand hits per day.

The problem with me is, I am easily distracted. I need your help. If any of you see me slacking off in my studies, please punch me hard in my face....


irma-ain ibrahim said...

good luck to you too!

dean list ha? you can do it if you wanna it.

my bro in law said,'klu nak suma jadi.klu xnk mmg xjdi tpi syaratnya 1,usaha mcm kita xpnh cukup masa'.

dia sll ngan kata2 tu n now he's Ir. Suhaimi at 27 yo.

n me terikut wit that kata2 n i'm going to b a veterinar.

n u gonna be Prof Safwan!:)

safwan said...

thx dr irma...

moja said...


I've started writing it long time ago. when I was form 3 I think. I studied diligently for one reason; I want to study in the US. I even had the US map at the very back of my textbooks, my bedroom's wall and my desk. Hahaha...

Maybe, I'll go for US someday, just for a vacation.
I'm so in Love with Malaysia. Takut die merajuk..

Mari kita mengejar impian(s) <- plural..


helanistic.herneo said...

did u a favour d.
hit me back!hahah.