Saturday, July 5, 2008

I was "investigated" by a police!

I was thinking of updating this last night which is right after the event, but it was 3 a.m already and I needed my beauty sleep. But get this, a police had investigated me!

I was on my way to Fahim's Uncle's house in Rawang. I took a KTM Komuter at 8.30 and arrived here 11.30 p.m.

I waited for them in front of the commuter station, and across the street is Balai Polis Rawang.

After waiting about 3 minutes or so, a man came out walking from the police station. At first, he looked like he's only about to get a breather, but suddenly he noticed me and started to cross the road.

Aiya. Die.

I didn't know Rawang Police got hold of my Anwar vs Saiful Bukhari post...!

Half my mind was telling me to run, another half telling me to bribe the police with Nasi Lemak.

Unable to make up my mind in time, the police managed to get to me and held a hand.

I shook it.

Police: Wang! Kenal tak Abg Eri ni?

Me: Lar....Abg Eri ke ni...???!! Anak Ayah Ngah tu kan..??

I didn't know I have a cousin here! A police at that!

The thing is, when it comes to polices, I noticed that they have an aura of making me feel nervous. VERY NERVOUS.

And boy, was I nervous at that time! I think he noticed my nervousness, and he asked me to go to the Police Station..

I was "arrested" willingly....

We sat down on the bangku outside, and chatted for a while.

He asked me where was I from, when I went out, with who, and a lot of others. The way he's asking me, it's very subtle but the aura he's bringing makes me feel like confessing a murder! And I'm not a murderer. The only thing I'd happily murder is mosquitoes and George Bush.

Then, he asked for my parents phone number. I gave him, and he crossed referenced my statements with them! It's like he suspected me of running away from home!

After calling my mum, he and I talked again for a while.

Him: Hari tu Abg Eri rasa pernah nampak Wang kat Klang..Kat Bukit Tinggi..Dalam 2 bulan lepas kot..

Me : Haa..Memang ade pon penah pegi...Time tu meronggeng ngan member2 nak lepas tensen exam...

Him : Haa..Betul la tu... Abg Eri nampak kat surau...So lepas ni Abg Eri tau la mane nak cari Wang lepas ni...

OMG I was under investigation!This is it.. I cannot meronggeng there anymore...

Then, Fahim's uncle, along with Aziz and Fahim came to pick me up.

Before parting, we exchanged contact numbers, and suddenly he asked,

Him: Wang ni nampak macam nervous je....Ade buat salah apa apa ke?

Thinking about the Anwar vs Saiful Bukhari post, I chose to exercise my right to remain silent.


Diyana said...

Reminds me of the time where I was called to the bilik disiplin when I was in Form 3 and Form 4. Form 3 was because my teacher wants to hand out invitation for Hari Raya Korban in school. Form 4 was because I have interview to become a prefect.

When I was called, I was scared wondering what did I do that I was called.

kayNe said...

macmane la tetibe dpt sedare sendiri jadi polis tp xtaw
leads to a lot of confusion afterwards
maybe u shud blog about what makes u feel nerveous confronting the cops weyh