Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dilemma oh Dilemma....(updated)

Meet my laptop.

I hate my laptop.

Wait. That doesn't sound right.

I fucking hate it. Yeah....That's it...

Last 2 years, the left speaker got blown up causing only my right speaker to function. To this date, only my right speaker's functioning, despite showing signs of blowing up. Bunyi pecah pecah, Sound slow nak mampus eventhough I set it to the highest volume. But that's tolerable, since I have a nice noise canceling earphone.

My RAM is also showing signs of breaking down. It is so unstable that when I run programs, sometimes it automatically shuts down and I get Blue Screen of Death. I can't even move my laptop around so much as moving it would somehow fuck the the thing that connects the RAM with the motherboard and would cause starting up failure. OI! How am I supposed to do my assignments??!! Even right now, I'm posting this post using my roomate's computer.

As if both of them is not enough, my battery's leaking. It's my fault anyway. Saper suruh tak cabut plug after shut down? Right now, it's pointless for me to use the battery. Tahan 15 MINIT JE KOT. Start2 je dah kong. WTF? That's why I resorted to just taking off that battery and run my laptop on AC power.

Wait, there's more. My [x] button is broken. I have to press it harder to for it to appear. Coz of that, my typing speed is somewhat reduced and I have to carefully pick words with less [x]. And I think there's no [x]es in the previous paragraphs. Hahaha...


I don't know what should I do with that thing.

If I were to repair all those things, It'd cost me this.

Speakers: Rm 250.

RAM: RM 300. ( 1 gb DDR RAMs are hard to find, and expensive.) (I need 1 gb RAM coz most of my apps require high speed processing.)

Battery: RM 350.

RM 250 + 300 + 350 = RM 900 + Kemarahan ayah aku yang ganas.

Kalo mintak duit nak repair sah sah la kene basuh dulu ngan my dad. "Tu la, Install game mengarut2. Abih hancur.."

One of my friends suggested me to buy another laptop. My laptop's old already. For me to keep repairing it would be a waste of money. Things keep breaking down, but I get things less powerful eventhough I pay high price. It's a liability.

Either way, both options require money, which is something I don't have. Maybe I should just let it be and be content with what I have. I've done it for the past one and a half year and I think I can still manage. HOPEFULLY.

Sigh... If only I can do this:

All my problems would be solved......


My laptop just got worse.

My [T] button dah nak tercabut. Dah la mahal nak tukar keyboard... RM250 kot.

So I have to update my calculation...

RM 250 + RM 250 + RM300 + RM350 = RM1150 + Kemarahan Ayah dan mak yang lebih ganas.

Nak kena cari sugar mummy nih......


nashrah said...

acer mmg cpt rosak. (that's what umar said anyway and you can trust his words when he says that cuz his really into this thing.)

if you wanna buy a new laptop, cube tgk dell ke or sony or benq.

just a suggestion :)

S O U L - O said...

time to buy a new one..
compaq pun ok gak..
acer is not on top of my list anymore...


Solitary Ace said...


Sabar safwan.

buy a new one - slightly more expensive than repairing, but at least then you know all of the parts are working right.


A very serious dilemma indeed..

qieynah said...

haha, bro bear...juz let ur acer RIP
He needs it...
buy a new 1 la bro...
bapak ko kan kaya...

nashrad rekemen laptop mhal sume...
lagi la bapak ko hangen....

safwan said...

to nashrah and taufik:

bole je kalo korang nak wat derma kilat nk belanje kan...ape la salahnye belanje org nak belajar....

byk pahala kot.. hehehe

to Fiqah:

sah kene kejar keliling taman ngan bapak nnt kalo suggest beli lappy baru...isk... da la bulan pose kot.. tak larat nk lari....

to kinah:

tu la plan aku kinah...hehehe...wi rosok beyond repair, pah buleh kecek2 hok baru..hehehe...

yang nashrah rekemen tu sbb dia nk belanja kot... kan nashrah kan??hehe XD

kekda on iMekDa said...

beli Eee PC je.
ok ape.
kalu ade duit bulehlaa beli MacBook.
kompem coolness factor up 200%.

-tulaaa baber kate doh dok molek..
nok jugok..wakakaka
dell XPS aa~

nashrah said...

eh mahal ke? kite recommendkan yg berkualiti nye:D

hmm maybe one day safwan. one fine day when i'm filthy rich and rm50 notes are like rm1 to me. dunno when that's gonna happen :))

Azie Nazri said...


buy a toshiba like mine.

murah gilee.
nak tau the details ask me when u see me. :p

safwan said...

to kekda:

Nanti la org cari sugar mummy... cari MacBook Pro....hahaha coolness factor up 250% kot..

to nashrah:

hehe..cepat2 la jadi kaya...nnt takut i mati sakit jantung dulu baru u jadi kaye....hehehe

to azie:

hmm... will do...