Saturday, September 6, 2008

Don't read this after eating!

It was on the way back from watching midnight movies with Aziz, Fahim, and his uncle.

After watching Babylon AD, we thought of going for sahur first before returning back home.So we went to this kinda clean looking mamak restaurant near Section 7 Shah Alam.

It was around 2.30 am, so I kinda wanted something substantial, so I ordered plain rice with fried chicken on the side and curry. 

It was kinda delicious.

Until I discovered something.

I accidentally bit a piece of chicken bone, and I got it out of my mouth. I turned that piece of bone around, and I found a tiny black speck on it.

I took a closer look, it was a fly.


The head, the body, the wings, I SAW IT ALL. and that made me puke on the spot. Seriously.

I thought of getting my money refunded. But the mamak looked like an idiot. He looked like can't even understand Malay.

He looked so dumb that if I asked him his name, he'd go like this.


So what I did was just let it be. Bulan Puasa kot.

But one thing's for sure, I ain't coming back to that restaurant. Period.


Azie Nazri said...

next time i see you,
tell me the name of the restaurant okeh?

qieynah said...

lor, bro bear...kan aku dah kata ...dun u ever support mamak...supportla melayu kita...btw, kat mane ko mkn tuh?

nashrah said...

haaa mamak mane ni safwan? i slalu g a clean-looking kedai mamak jgk kat sec 7 :((

S O U L - O said...

a fly in ur food?
nah...that's a very common thing in our maktab's cafe.

wait until u find a rock, or a fried caterpillar, or even getah pengikat.

I have become immune.
So immune with those things.

safwan said...

to azie, kinah and nashrah: hehehe...rahsia....haha..nnt korang mesti da tak lepak seksyen 7 pasnih....

to taufik: kool... u can join fear factor...

Fits said...

ko WAJIB bagitau aku nama restoran tu kat fac nnt! haha

kayNe said...

brother bear
plis plis plis plis n plis
tell us the name of the gerai
aku xmo makan lalat macm ko!!!!!

w a n i e z a w a n i said...

pity you :(

like qienah said...

support our local brand :)

i don't prefer mamak either...

irma-ain ibrahim said...

i hve to buang ur link dri my site.
sbb ada yg perasan sy intip dia bila kwn ngan kamu.
ssh ada mnusia yg berahsia n paranoid n takut kantoi ni.
u can do same thing to my link.
senang2,sy lawat ek.

Diyana said...

OMG!!!! That's gross man! Now, I know why my family rarely eats at kedai mamak and when the idea comes up, my mom would cringe and pleaded not to even set foot in there. Heck, I don't prefer mamak either (they destroyed the taste of fried Kuey Teow making it too hot and too bitter to eat). Like Qieynah said, support the local brand.

safwan said...

to irma: takpe..I understand...though i don't quite know the head nor the tail of the story...huhuhu...if you feel like it, do drop me an email eh?

to diyana: huhuhu...maybe she had the same experience....

S.H.A.Z.A. said...

haha..i had similar experience. pergi la kat kedai t0myam dkt ngan my ha0use with my jiran. 0rder jus 0ren n nasi pattaya. pastu tgh2 mkn tu ada plak s0mething kat nasi tuh. damn! that was lalat bersalut telur. eww!! s0 i t0ld the waitress. and with stupid smile 0n her face she said "0h..xde apa2 lah..biji je tuh". and she threw it away and i was like wtf? i can see the eyes,the was gr0ss! dh la dlm air jus ada semut. sejak daripada tu mmg tak pernah mkn nasi pattaya. kat mana2kedai sekali pun.