Thursday, June 26, 2008

I watched a movie today...Yay!

It seemed that June 26th was the day good movies come out to play.

Play in the cinemas lar..Not the park!

You see, when I arrived at TGV KLCC, I didn't know which movie should I watch. It seemed all the movies are good movies...

I daren't do a movie marathon because I can somehow picture how my parents would've reacted. When after 20 days of Umrah, finding their son wasting money watching movies while they were in Mecca would've made any parents pissed off you know. So I only have the guts to watch just one.

With only Rm30 left in my allowance, I can't do movie marathons anyway...hahaha...

And choosing one among them is a tough one you know...

There's Ayat - Ayat Cinta showing...My friends say that it's a good movie, but I don't wanna watch it..Though the novel is good.. Yes, I admit, I read it.

You see, I've read Harry Potter. All seven books. But when I watch their movies, I was deeply disappointed. The magic in the novel always stays in the novel. Somehow, the director failed to bring the magic in the novel into their movies, and that's disappointing.. So I was thinking it might be the same case with this one.

And then there's Run Fatboy Run.

I saw the preview of this movie, and it was funny. But I also don't wanna watch it.

If I wanna see a fat boy running, I'd put a huge mirror in front of me and run like hell.

And then there's also one of our local movies, Sepi.

I was deeply intrigued to watch this movie, but I didn't.

I am sepi myself. I embodied the meaning of sepi. Why would I wanna watch someone else's sepi-ness? That'd make me even sepi-er! Maybe I should watch it after I've got myself a girlfriend, just to remind me of my sepi-ness before I found my future special someone. And maybe get a laugh ot two at the characters' sepi-ness.

"Mwahahaha... you guys are pathetic...."[giggles...]

And there's also The Nanny Diaries.

I know I shouldn't be judging this from the poster, but when I looked at the dullness of this poster, I can' help to think that the movie itself would be dull. So I didn't watch it.

There's also Incredible Hulk showing..

I saw the preview, and it was so-so. I didn't watch it. The reason is I saw the real hulk already, right here in Malaysia. So why watch the American one?


So I was left with Wanted.

It just came out, the preview was very good, so I watched it. It's a story about a regular joe that one day, he learns that his long lost father was a hell of an assassin that was killed by another assassin. So after that it's all melodramatic revenge bla bla bla...But in pursuit of that assassin that killed his father, he learns another shocking thing....

It's a damn good movie. The development of the storyline was slow, yet it grips. It twists and turns. It shocks and awe. Suffice to say, I didn't regret watching this movie.

But I think I'll regret watching this movie if somehow my parents found out that I've been watching movies while the were in Mecca....

Keep it a secret eh??


Diyana said...

Don't worry, bro.

Bak kata (actually it's nyanyi but you get my point) Hilary Duff ngan Haylie Duff yang telah dimodify oleh I

"My lip is sealed"

Azie Nazri said...

oh nak tengok wanted jugak!
angelina jolie. uuuu. :p

kekda kruger said...

kekda tgk dah wanted.
1st time sneak in cinema waktu midnite.
esoknnye gi tgk midnite lg, tp kali ni bayo aa.
wanted ngan sepi ngan hancock kejap (curi masuk panggung lain jap).

yeah i know i'm cool~

irma-ain ibrahim said...

i ges being me lgi senang.
no need to think what movie should i watch because sy xpenah tgk wayang n jejak kaki ke cinema. NEVER. but i'm proud of it.

oh ya,i wish i knw ur mom. but u r lucky cos i dont so i wont tell her. ok? :D

Anonymous said...

if you cheat your parents once, next time your child will cheat you 10 X and if you have 10 children you will be kenching-ed 100 X . remember that pls

syukri said...

wanted mmg best

kekda said...

hahahaha lawak laa ayoh punye komen.
aaa sudoh mu wang~
kena sumpah ngan ayoh doh.