Friday, June 13, 2008

How people like things - seen by me

It all started out in a Yahoo Messenger chatroom.
[cornholio_denali is me, yuffiesilver is my friend]

yuffiesilver: lol at the zohan poat
yuffiesilver: *post
yuffiesilver: anyway here's mine
yuffiesilver: http//******
yuffiesilver: http://********

***After a while from reading her blog***

cornholio_denali: kool2..
cornholio_denali: still with ur fanaticism with korean stars, i see..
cornholio_denali: hehehe
yuffiesilver: not fanaticism
yuffiesilver: fangirlism
cornholio_denali: what's the difference...?
cornholio_denali: everything u do, you must have their faces
cornholio_denali: hehehe
cornholio_denali: ur friendster, myspace,
yuffiesilver: really ah?
cornholio_denali: ur blog also
yuffiesilver: im a healthy fan
cornholio_denali: ......
cornholio_denali: hahaha
yuffiesilver: im not that obsessed but i do get lost looking at their pics
yuffiesilver: until i almost mistakenly call my senior chang min
cornholio_denali: ????!!!!
cornholio_denali: hahaha...
cornholio_denali: admit it...
cornholio_denali: u r obsessed..
cornholio_denali: even can't differentiate ur senior's face from changmin
yuffiesilver: i can actually
yuffiesilver: but bila ternampak dia senyum, teringat pulak kat senyuman si changmin tu


That's not the end of the chat, but I purposely cut out the end part of our conversation as it contains private stuffs. Definitely not for your ears.

Not THAT kind of private, if you must know ;)

Anyway, after chatting with her, I noticed that when it comes to liking something, there are three kinds of interaction between the subject and the object. I may be wrong, but this is what I can see...

1) "The Regular I-Kinda-Like-This-Thing"

These are the kind of people who like something, and basically that's it. The thing that they like do not interfere their daily life in anyway whatsoever. They eat rice, drink water, shit healthy shits, and stuffs other normal people do. For example, I kinda like Nissan GTR coz it's a cool car. It's sexy and it gets whoever fortunate enough to afford one from A to B unnecessarily quick. Go ahead and say "Eh, Ferrari is better lah..." and I wouldn't waste my time on trying to persuade you to like Nissan GTR.

2) "The Die-Hard-Fan"

These are the kind of people who like the thing and no else. For example I have a friend who likes Manchester United. He eats Man U, drinks Man U, and sleeps Man U. Because of the excessive intake of daily "Man U-ness", I have a strong feeling that he pisses and shits Man U as well. Just for the fun of it, I walked right up to him one day and said "Fuck Man U. Chelsea'll kick your sorry lil' ASS! Mwahahahahahahahaa!" After that, he didn't speak to me for the whole school session. Even to that extent...

3) "The Zen Fan"

These people are hard to spot. These are the kind of people who like the thing very very and I mean VERY MUCH but never admit it. On the surface they look like just what average joes look like, but when no one's around, they indulge in the guilty pleasures... For example, I have a friend who dresses like rockers. He listens to rock songs like Mudvayne, Metallica, Children of Bodom, System of a Down and the likes, but on one fateful day, I caught him singing ANUAR ZAIN in the shower.

"Ku percaya jua...Sesucinya cintamu...."

Caught red-handed, he warned me never to tell anybody. But "oops, my tongue slipped. Hehe"


Azie Nazri said...

uhuh. very true.

and there's also this other kind. liking something extremely but have to control it for the sake of someone else.

like a guy really really like the colour pink, but his girl thinks it makes him look gay so he just secretly wears pink pyjamas when he's sleeping. alone. :p

safwan said...

it sounds like me...

Ms. Sleepyhead said...

dush~she's talking bout the DBSK member changmin aka max~ (i'm a fans too!!~but more to yunho n xiah junsu)..

haha~i dunno what kind of fans i am..never likely to show how fanatic towards something..but then, i would scream if i see something that i adore~~~haha.