Wednesday, June 4, 2008

An inferno to our pockets.

I hate politics

When I was a kid, I hate it coz in order for me to make sense what my parents are talking about, I need to know about the character. For me to know the characters, I need to read, and I hate reading.

Now, I still hate politics. I hate it coz after knowing the characters, consequently I will know about the bad deeds that they did to the rakyat. With the corruption and nepotism and all, you can say that I pretty much loath politics and politicians.

However, my hatred towards them has moved up a notch. They raised fuel prices from rm1.92 a litre to rm2.70 a litre out of nowhere. the rakyat was informed by mere hours to make preparations. This is what happened in one of the fuel stations in Johor Bahru, and I'm pretty much sure that the situation in your area is basically the same.

I don't mind that they are going to increase the price (OK, I do mind a little), but at least give don't make it too sudden. They informed us at 3 pm and it'll be effective by midnight? What the fish?

Even if they are increasing the price, why must it be too steep? 78cents might not be a big deal to them but for us citizens, that's a very very big deal.

Make it gradual increment, if you really need to increase the price. And, make it clear on how the rakyat will be helped. Don't increase the price steeply after giving the rakyat information at the eleventh hour!

Right now, I hate them so much. And apparently, it's not only me who hates them.

Nazmi, my nephew also hates them.


Anonymous said...

i got out of this sit by a mili sec...
full tanked my car rite before the announcement was made....
rite after i finisher refueling
cars jam packed the station

Anonymous said...

Dude, I hate politics and politicians too.

This is Diyana by the way.

ihaveissues said...

kat ganu... semua jalan jam... sebab minyak..

by the way, politic is clean. the politicians make it dirty.

so, kill the politicians[?]

phi said...

thats my leg by the way..behind nazmi.haha

safwan said...

at ihaveissues:
I think we should.. the world's full of fucked up people..If hudud was implemented those guys wouldn't have any limbs left.

at Diyana: That makes the three of us..hahahha...