Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Friends that have known me very well would say that I pretty much hate football. And they're quite right.

I have tried my best to grow interest about this sport, but somehow, it's just not working..I watched games, played it on the computer, played it in real life with my friends, but it wouldn't grow on me.

However, the worst part is, it's a norm that guys like sports, such as football. Being a guy that hates football would raise awkwardness in society.

"Seriously, a guy who hates football? He must be gay."

Oi! I am straight OK! I prefer things coming OUT of my ASS rather that going IN, thankyouverymuch.

So, to save my dignity, I will try to write about Euro, since it's the current big thing in football world.

If I were asked who I'd like to see as Euro winner, I'd say any team will do as long as it's not Italy. The headbutt incident during the last world cup still pisses me off. Why in fuck's name must Materazzi insult Zidane's family? That's a kick to the groin, that is. A cheap shot. He knew France was winning and that dumbfuck had to have poor guy's bald head fucked up pretty good. And too good in fact that poor guy was sent off.

I've always liked England, cause they're supposed to have Beckham and the other one doing Celcom ads (I dunno his name), but since they're not qualified, I would have to choose another team, I suppose...

I also like France, coz they've got Thierry Henry. From what I've heard, he's supposed to be a good player. But without Zidane, France's attacking front is really in trouble.

So, right now, my money is on Netherlands. If France can somehow work out a miracle and qualifies for the next stage, I choose France instead.

I think France vs Italy match is in progress right now. Maybe I should watch this grudge match..It should be interesting..

PHEW, Glad I can write about football without sounding stupid. Now I can proudly say that I'm not gay. Haahahaha.......


irma-ain ibrahim said...

yg dlm iklan celcom tu michael ballack. main xterer sgt tpi nama je lebih. haha.

safwan said... ke??

awk kaki bola ke?
nnt saya lari...

irma-ain ibrahim said...

slh la.
m.ballack main ngan germany.
frank lampard ngan portugal.
so yg tggl lgi sorg rmbt gulung2 skit. ryan gigs la.
he suppost 2 play wit england.

kaki bola?
that's wat my mom called me. haha. boleh la.

eyh,nk lari g mn plk? ish2. jgn lah. =D