Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Drift king...??? NOT!!!

The fucked up feeling this evening alone is by far the worst I have had to handle.

I went out to the bank just now to pay the house rent. After that, I said to myself,

"Oi, dude... You drove from your home to town, only just to pay the rent??"

"Well, yeah... What's up with that?" I replied to myself.

"WTF??? I didn't drive all the way from Senai to Bandar Baru UDA for over 45 minutes just to pay the fucking rent!! Gimme entertainment dammit! I'm fucking bored!"

"Yelah2.. Meh pegi Angsana..Main game...Nak bawak pegi City Square tak tau jalan...harap duduk je kat jb..tapi Jalan sepatah haram pon tak hafal.. sengal la ko safwan.."

Don't be surprised. I always have this kind of monologue. I've been like this since the day I was born..hahaha...

So I drove myself to Angsana, and upon arrival, I headed straight to the arcades. I really love arcade games. Some people might hate it coz it's too noisy and all, but I love it. When I was doing my pre degree in Kuantan, I used to hang out a lot in the arcades. Among the games that I always play is Daytona. It's a car racing game. I like that game a lot.

I'm not a pro when it comes to Daytona, but I'm not a noob either. I still can't finish expert level, and I usually picked the wrong lane in intermediate level, which costs me a lot of time. I played intermediate level just now, and amazingly, I got fifth place. Normally, I'd get tenth out of 20.

While I was playing that game, I noticed an 8 or 9-ish year old boy was checking me out. The way he's cheking me out made me think he's gay or somthing... Oi! I'm not a chick and I'm definitely not gay.

After playing that game, I moved to Initial D game , which is also a car racing game.

In this game, I'm a complete noob. I know the theories, but I just can't do it. So I chose the easiest map there was and raced.

I was taking the first turn when I suddenly noticed my car was out of power. Few seconds later. It completely stopped. Shit. This could only mean one thing.

A challenger..

I looked to my right trying to see who's the big idea to challenge me. Double shit.

It's the same kid.

As if challenging me is not shit enough, he pulled out a card from his pocket and inserted it into the machine. Apparently, that card stores info about that particular racer and the level, and saves any upgrades to the car. I looked at the challenger's level and it's triple shit.

His level is fucking 10. A PRO. A 9 YEAR OLD PRO I TELL YOU!!!

He used his upgraded Toyoto Trueno AE86, just like Takumi used against my noob Evo 7.

Being the challenger, the kid gets to pick which turf we'll be fighting on. Quadruple shit.

It's Hirohazaka. The PRO LEVEL TURF. Notoriously known for its hairpin turn and short straights. Hit one wall and bye bye 10 seconds. and not just that, It's night time and it's wet. I'm screwed.

Then , on we went to the starting grid. 3, 2, 1, Go! I slammed the pedal hard and went nuts with the gear change and all. but somthing's amiss. That kid didn't even move his car one inch for a full ten seconds before going on to chase me. FUCK YOU. This is an insult.

Up ahead, it's the first turn, and it's already a hairpin turn. I lifted the gas paddle, downshifted, and turned the car into a drift.

FIVE SHITS COMING AT ME. I oversteered. My car went pusing pusing macam gasing. Unsurprisingly, that kid drove past me and left me eating dirt. He won with a good 300 meters advantage.

Shortly after crossing the line, the kid exclaimed "Yes! I won!"

At that moment, I resisted myself to say "Celaka... Lawan noob bole ler.. Kang aku cabar ko bawak kreta biasa kat jalan kang menganga ko..ntah2 lepas clutch pon gagap.."

I went back home. What began as a quest for entertainment, it ended up with a lot more depression. I still can't bring myself to accept this one fact.



kayNe said...

u noe, the kid might be good at one area
can u tell whether hes doing good at other things too?
its just his advantage, so yeah, a 9 year old, but so what?=p

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA..... too bad u lose to a 9 yo
thats y whenever im at n arcade, id stay away from racing
i prefer music games
no matter dancing, or thos button hitting notes games or those drums...
its easy to master n fun....
i bet i can beat u anytime
wanna try?

safwan said...

to kayne:
it hurts my ego...he insulted me when he eased up on the gas and yet he still won.i lost to a gay 9 year old pro...hahaha

to indecentdecendant:
i can try...but not dancing game...i'm afraid that the machine will break by my sheer weight..hahhaa