Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kalau tak jatuh, kita tak belajar untuk bangun

Exam result's out.

It shocked me so much, I was speechless at that time. How can it be? Is it real? Please don't make it official...

But it is. It is real, it is official. My result dropped. Damn...

Last sem, I got 3.47, just 0.03 shy for the dean's list. At that time, I said to myself, "You're nearly there, man! Just work harder this sem!"

So I worked harder. I've put a lot of effort this sem, but somehow I still came up short. The worst part is, Dean's list is moving further away..

After putting a lot of effort into this, to see it all crumble beneath my feet hurts me so much.AARRGGHH!!!


Then, I chatted with Aziz and Michelle. As expected, they are once again among the Dean's list award winners. Ana and Yus too. Congrats guys.. Though I'm the biggest dude among them, I felt really small...

Thanks guys for the encouragement...It really means a lot...


The frustration built up. So, I went to a bookshelf to look for books to read.

I' think I'm a weird dude..Who reads a book when he's frustrated??

Out of nowhere, I found my old College Writing text book. I immediately turned to the last cover page and read what my last college writing lecturer wrote to me.

Thanks Mr Ki. Though you aren't here, you still manage to encourage me..Looking at your scribblings for signature and those four words, I recalled the last piece of advice you have given to me.

"Carpe Diem. It means seize the day. After this Bear, I want you to seize every opportunities that come to you. Seize every chance, never waste any. Seize the moment. Work hard, study hard, and never let that moment slip away. If you do all that, you will be among those who are victorious."


Damn it! I'm done being mediocre. I'm done being just like anybody. This coming sem, I'm gonna work harder. No more Mr. Lazy Bum.

Semester 3, watch out. I'm coming.


moja said...


aku lagi laa bear.. 3.25 jerk..
i feel slightly frustrated tapi after a few mins...

I'm OK. Ahahahahaha..

I'm cool with it.. just need to try harder next sem. No more mr gossiper. Hahahahaha..


see you NEX SEM!


Anonymous said...

yeaa, moja's rite. u can do better next sem.

DL is not everything u know.. its something but not everything.

and lemme tell u something. although i think u already know. getting DL does NOT mean that that person will be an excellent teacher/lecturer.

and i know that u'll be a great lecturer/teacher even if u dont get DL. :)

theodore said...

you know what,i've learnt a lot from you.

sometimes,there are things i dunno. but you know.

and it shocks me u couldn't be among the top scorers becoz obviously u got more brains than some people.

i keep reminding you that u've got to do something with your handwriting. emotionally,it affects the examiners.

don't be sad. we have 6 sems to go.

shaza said...

we are in the same b0at bear..
my result als0 jatuh gler babeng.
still haven't f0und da c0urage t0 tell my parents..huhuhu..
but what d0es n0t kill y0u will make y0u str0nger..s0 lets d0 better 4 da upc0ming sem 0k.. :) fight 0h-0h! i'm t0tally n0t in da m0od nk blk shah alam..x m000000...

ayiem said...

chayook safwan!!!! thats the spirit!!!

Elvie DeChantal said...

Hola safwan =) know what man, DL is not everything. well, i can't deny the fact that sometimes it helps, but it is just not everything.

Ehehe, yeah i'm so very familiar with Kieran's "carpe diem". so cute when he wrote that. eherks!

so, seize the day!