Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My All time favorite song No 2

I have a list of my all time favorite songs, and this one sits at number 2.

It's Croatian Rhapsody played by Maksim Mrvica, composed by Tonci Huljic

Listen and enjoy....It's really good. SIRIM Approved.


Azie said...


ur post kat atas ni. "evidence of my stupidity". lawak gile. HAHAHAHA.

tapi u cant want to be with a girl just because u want to feel how it feels to be in a relationship!
and because other people are doing it!
God safwan, pleaaase dont do that to a girl.
be with her because she makes u happy.
call her ur gf because thats where she is in ur heart not because it sounds cool.
and ofcors, love her because she loves you. :)

ive been wanting to read that famous book tapi tak berkesempatan lagi. bes ey?
apa apa pun, i think to be happy in a relationship, just be yourself. dont try to be someone that she would want you to be because if u suddenly show the real you, she may suddenly back off. but its not wrong to understand us, girls, from a book. yeaa, we are that complicated sometimes. ;p

oh God, panjang gile!! HAHA.
goodluck safwan :)

safwan said...

those were like two million light years ago...

I'm much wiser now...