Thursday, October 30, 2008

What was I thinking....??

Just read Taufik's blog.

Congrats dude...

Your persuasive speech must've been awesome.


I think if I get an A for Oral Communication subject, it must have been a miracle. A divine intervention. My speech was not what you'd call awesome.

1) I was thinking about doing why we should eat more fruits. But after reading my older blog posts, I realized I blogged about people getting infected with dengue so much, I decided to change the topic. And it was exactly 24 hours before I presented. It took twelve hours for me to research, another three to construct my speech. and I have to submit psychology test on the same day and I hadn't done shit.

Coz of that, I never got a chance to memorize my speech. I can recall only gists of the paragraphs. Since I didn't want to look nervous by reading aloud my speech, half of the time was actually impromptu. I stutter like a boat stalling.

2)I said this in my speech.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I believe had we taken up actions to prevent dengue, my friends wouldn't have got infected with dengue. Yuslina wouldn't have been infected. Hidayati's housemates wouldn't have been infected. And I believe, if we take up actions to prevent dengue seriously, everyone in this room will never get infected. I bet you my left pinky finger."

Fuck. It came out before I can control it.

Oi! Stupid! What are they supposed to do with your pinky finger la idiot???!! Whack mosquitoes with it??

3) As if that's not enough, I also said this in my speech.

"[bla bla bla]. And to prevent the spreading of dengue fever, don't rely on Government's fogging. FOGGING, NOT FUCKING."

Again. A slip of tongue. And it's a tempah neraka statement.

Of course la they know what fogging and fucking is, you imbecile. And of course they would've heard it right the first time.

How in the blue hell is by fucking, we can solve our dengue fever crisis???!!!


I must have been mental, fucking up my assessment like that. It must have been because of my blog.

I knew I shouldn't have named it Slip of Tongue.


S O U L - O said...

dun worry safwan,
the rubrics are not totally about the content. there are also about gestures, tones, bla bla..
chill up man.
out of 5 marks for each aspect evaluated, i bet the least u can possibly get is 3. So it's still not going to ruin ur result for Oral.(",)

IBRAHIM said...

Thank you Taufik for the illusion.
Safwan, you're not alone. I did the online right before the speech and has no chance to practise at all.

IBRAHIM said...

*right before the delivery day

Azie Nazri said...

safwan, like seriously??
u said the F word during ur speech?
i wonder how ur lecturer's face was like.

got a reminder for ya here.(to me also.)
the things that we always blurt when we're shocked, nervous, scared, are the things that we always say.
like in ur situation here, i know it was a total slip of tongue.

but then, wen something more serious happens, like wen ur car crashes and ur head bangs on the window. and sad to say, the banging caused u ur life. nauzubillah.

the crash wud totally cause u a great shock.
surely, something wud be blurted out.

so lets hope that if something like this happens, something beautiful would be blurted instead.


we never know what would happen to us rite?


p/s:ur slips of tongue has never failed to make me laugh.

safwan said...

to taufik:

I think it will still ruin my oral... for both tests, langsung tak baca. betul2 keajaiban alam kalo dapat a...

to ibrahim:

dude, join the club....huhuhu

to azie:

She was like "Astaghfirullah hal Adzim... Oh Allah, purge the sins of this student of mine..."