Monday, October 27, 2008

Tak tahu title apa 2

If I have wings I would fly,
lifting my soul to the sky
If I have nine lives to live,
Wish I have you to be with

If I could make dreams come true,
of all the things I would do
I know that I would be wishing for you..

Juwita Suwito - Wishing For you

Perasaan aku skang: Jiwang karat


nashrah said...

xpe, i always go thru this feeling of jiwang karat as well. most of the time actually. heheh :)

Diyana said...

You're feeling jiwang???

I'm feeling unexplainably gila, sewel ngan tak bersemangat at the same time. Demam exam la kata kan.

Like nashrah said, we all go through this feeling of jiwang karat.

kakkOi LoLiShOta said...

gwg seyhh

x bleyh..
ade code?