Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tak tahu title apa.

I just can't forget Her....


Diyana said...

:: Starts singing ::

"Cause I can't stop thinking you girl
Someday soon you will be mine
No, I can't stop thinking about you girl
Then we'll be together baby you and me"

Song: Super Junior - U

Lyrics translation : Me and a Korean translator whose name I do not know but I made up some wordings.

All the best in finals dude ^_^

Azie Nazri said...

at the cute teddy's paw: friend's forever.

so she must be ur best friend.
y must u forget her?
jeng jeng jeng.
mari start kontroversi.

safwan said...

to diyana:

[picturing you singing.....Better not..] haha. joke2....

all the best to you too...!

to azie:

bak kata melodi, kurang kontroversi, tingkatkan prestasi...hehehehe....

nashrah said...

nape semue org tulis post sedih ni :(