Thursday, October 2, 2008

Break Fast at Grand Seasons

My brother, Nazim

My sis-in-law, Kak Yuni and my nephew, Nazmi a.k.a samseng Felda Kechau B

My younger brother, Hafiz. Supposed to symbolize "WOW" with the hand gesture.

Me, nearly voiding my fast

During the fasting month, we celebrated the safe return of my brother from London for some computer project thing at Grand Season Hotel.

It was one helluva buffet. The foods were awesome. There's so much to choose, you'd go nuts. After giving much thought, this is what we ate. And this was just the first round.

My brother went for Roasted Lamb with BBQ and Mushroom sauce.

My Spaghetti Aglio Olio with clams and Sweet and Sour chicken

My salad with beef roll and smoked chicken

And my Chicken Tika Shawarma. (I nearly misread this menu the first time I read it. I thought it said Chicken Tika "SHARMUTAH", which is not a very good name. Google sharmutah if you wanna know.);P

Hafiz's tomato rice with Chicken Tika.

Kak Yuni's Cake with Bread Pudding.

And for some strange reasons, I felt like eating sushi to go with it.

After finishing this round, we went to solat Maghrib, and continued for round 2. The awesomeness of the foods made me forget to take pics. huhu..

At the end of the day, this is what we looked like.

Kak Yuni was still ok, Nazmi the samseng went down.

Barely conscious after 4 helpings of foods.

Sleepiness kicked in.

Abang Nazim, the last man standing.

I can barely stand after the buffet. Moral of the story, gluttony is dangerous.


helanistic.herneo said...

gluttony is fucking dangerous!

thats like melantak mann,,
ingatlah mereka yg berbuka puasa di masjid.


safwan said...

membazir je berpuluh2 hengget kalo makan nasik sepinggan jer.....


nnt puasa next year aku donate air masak kat masjid.....

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. I remember the time when my family broke fast at an Arabian restaurant somewhere in Seri Petaling last week to celebrate my bro's 19th birthday. For the first round, I had a bite-sized fish fillet thingy, lamb puff, samosa and cheesy baked pasta. Oh my God! Sedap gila. Then, I had to go to the bathroom due to stomach ache which was very painful. Needless to say, I didn't eat much after Maghrib and I struggled to finish my tomato rice and Mendy lamb (the restaurant's special dish, really nice). Overall, it was nice.

PS: The lamb and the chocolate cake looks really good.

S O U L - O said...

no wonder they put gluttony as one of the deadly sins.

hehehe =p

IBRAHIM said...

Luckily I read this in Syawal.

pseudone said...

ahahaha~~ seyes cool... so into what u said...membazir bepuluh hengget kalo makan nasi satu pgan..

moral of da story:
semayang magrib dulu,,,

petua makan banyak:

1. amek makanan sikit2,jgn sesekali penuhkan sepinggan.,,nati psikologi minda kata' "byknye makanan, patut da kenyang", so ur perot will go for the order.

2. semayang magrib dulu,,
because, ur perot will have gap about 20 minutes before it can actually know that its full oredi.