Monday, October 13, 2008

First futsal

Last two nights was the koolest night EVER!

(both literally and figuratively)

my friend, Agung, Afnan, and Cipet invited me to play futsal with him along with their friends.

FYI, I haven't been working out since the end of first semester. I played basketball then. Being invited to play futsal last night was Godsent. On the last day of Ramadhan, I weighed 104 kg. when the class resumed, I weighed 111 kg.

That's why I can't join any campings. I'd ruin the hammocks. Hahaha....

So we played futsal in Sports city near Plaza Alam Sentral . It was 12 am, and it was quite cold.

At the first 3 minutes, I can still keep up with those guys.

Next 3 minutes was hell. Semput Pak Cik nak kejar korang! Sekor2 laju cam pelesit! So I played goal keeper. I made decent saves, while missing out silly ones. We were outscored by 1 to 30.

So I switched positions with Afnan for a while. That dude was tired as hell, it would be inhumane for me to watch him run in agony..

Agung made his run. Two defenders were marking him. He passed it to Yusof. He did some samba with the ball, and managed to get into the penalty zone. But the defenders kept close. Being desperate for space, he passed to the only person free from defender, me. At that time I was in the middle of the field.

I got the ball, and I kicked that ball as hard as I could, imagining that it was George Bush's ass. It flew,

and I scored! woo hoo! For the first time in twenty years, I scored a goal! hahaha....!

I feel fantastic!

I feel happy to the highest degree!

Until Cipet and his gang slaughtered us......


qieynah said...

I tot it was 1 am....but u wrote it happened at 12...ermmmm....kool...
even pene admits it...

Anonymous said...

to all people reading this futsal things from abang beruang, this some mistakes happen in the blog:

1. it was 1 am instead of 12midnite..
2. we won but not that big margin.we won by 26-18..
3. i need air to breath,as i am a smoker, i couldnt do an-endless-run..
4. however, i still scored 8 goals..
5. Our team were slaughtering Cipet's gang and not the other way round..

Despite with all the mistakes in the blog, abang beruang(this blogger) did a tremendous effort in making the match a to abang beruang...

written by...
from West19..