Saturday, October 25, 2008

Herne, Aku Jeles.

Tell me straight to my face that you ain't jealous the time she told you she's going to Camp Rock Malaysia.

Coz I sure was jealous....

Perlu lah beliau mengkhabarkan berita gembira itu dengan nada gembira melalui segala saluran media massa...

Sentap aku nyah.

I wanted to go too, you know? I was just about to record a video of me reciting a poem I wrote myself when I realized that the deadline was over.

And Herne got the invitation.


Tak boleh Jadik! This cannot be happening!


I spent the following days plotting the best way to get her.

And finally it came to me.

Who does getting people better other than Rudy and JJ from Hitz.FM itself? The lie would look more believable, and everyone would know that it was my idea, and whole Malaysia would know I was the mastermind. It's pure genius!

The plan:

Ask Rudy and JJ to tell Herne that she actually wasn't invited at all. They meant other Herne instead of her. It was pure mistake.

The catch:

The Idea hatched too late. I got exactly 7 days to ask Rudy and JJ to Gotcha her.

So I asked around for her number. But the person who gave me the number (can't remember who) recalled it from Memory. Tak tengok henset langsung. Whoever that person was must love her so much lar.

So when I got that number, I was a bit sceptical. Betul ke ni number dia? So I had to check. I called the number.

Me : Hello? Ni Herne eh?

Her: Yep. Whassap? (Suara cam bangun tido) Sape ni?

Me: Ni Safwan ni... Nak tanya.. camne eh jalan nak ke Sunway Pyramid Dari Shah Alam?

Her: (explains panjang lebar tapi satu apa pon tak masuk sebab misi utama aku call dia hanyalah semata mata untuk make sure itu number dia. Habis Rm3 kedit aku.)

So I submitted the Gotcha application, hoping that they were able to process that form laju laju and get her.

But you know the saying.. Human proposes, but God disposes.

And God must love her so much coz the Gotcha application never went on air......

Moral of the story: I'm not evil enough.

Had I been evil enough, the plan would hatch the very moment she told me she's going to Camp Rock Malaysia.

Herne, Aku still tengah pikir camne nak kenekan ko.


kakkOi LoLiShOta said...

x bpe nak phm
tp cm mnarek seyh cher nih

mst kne ade maa
aku link kw eh

helanistic.herneo said...

pergi pyramid konon.
pdn muka rm3.

safwan said...

to kakkoi: sila2...aku pon link kan kat ko..

to Herne: Aku still blur cara2 nak pegi pyramid.