Thursday, April 30, 2009

These are my confession

I have a confession to tell you.

It's hard for me to tell you this, and I hope you can digest it and accept it with an open heart.


Back when I was about 7 years old, I was addicted to TV.

My favorite show was Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

Oh I loved that show so much, I stopped going to Surau with my dad each Saturday to perform Maghrib Prayers just to watch this show. I'd cry if I missed that show.

I liked them coz they are the justice. They fight evil and do good. They helped to save the earth from the evil witch Rita Repulsa and each day passed without me forgetting to be thankful to God that there was Power Rangers. How gullible I was to believe Power Rangers was real.

Most of the kids during that age were kinda obsessed with Jason, the Red Ranger. He's the strongest, the most stylish and disciplined of them all.

I, on the other hand, liked Kimberly the Pink Ranger.


Although a bit materialistic, she's kind, loyal, and was friendly. Another reason why I like her so much was I used to like pink and her name was so cool..


That was a sub-zero cool name in my eyes when I was 7 years old.

I liked her and her name so much that I secretly wished my dad would gave me that name when I was born.


As I grow up, I finally realized that I am a boy and Kimberly is a girl's name. Besides, Kimberly doesn't really mean anything compared to Safwan. It means the Sincere one, or the Soft one in Arabic. (I think so. Liyana, tolong translate!). But I still think that name is cool.


Last year, Syamimi, a friend of mine gave me a cactus for my birthday present.

It has grown up a lot since then.

It has grown a branch! Waiting for the flower to blossom! (Will there be any?)

The thing is, I haven't given it a name yet.

Today, since Power Rangers crossed my mind and my cactus is still nameless, I've decided to name it Kimberly.

The name I once secretly wish that was my name.

P/s: Sofia tu nama lain.... Hahaha.....


hajar :: aisyah said...

haih, jason.. minat GILE kat dia kot. ensem. and merah-itu-menawan.. aih~ ^_^

*if the cactus is named kimberly, surely u'll take extra care of it. hehe

i mean, extra care of her~ ^_^

Moja Amin™ said...

(don't worry, your not alone who had crush with Kimberly)



Jack-O said...

oh. im missing my childhood now. u r the one who should be the blame dude! hahah

Usop De La Vantrez said...
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Usop De La Vantrez said...

Jason's ok, but I prefer Billy, (u noe, the blue ranger).. but when it comes to robots, I prefer the black dude..

somehow I adore the big stomping mammoth..

Ah, at that time I was too naive to even like a women (decently)..

Kinda hoping it could stay that way~ Heheh..

qieynah said...

who is kimberly? what is power rangers???? me love A.L.O.N.G ...along....more than others...skipped quran nite class but i adore along n siti sifir....

Diyana said...

You used to like Power Rangers?????

Me too!!! I like Trini, the Yellow Ranger cause I don't know why, I really like Asians or people with Asian looks.

You're right about Jason. Plus, he's good-looking.

Too bad the actress who played Trini passed away in an accident. May she rest in peace.

safwan said...

to hajar:

OHH MOST Definitely...hehehehe...

to moja:

hehehe....keep it a secret eh?

to nurul:

hahaha... guilty as charged! next time tell us urs eh?hahaha

to usop:

I like Billy too, but he's too nerdy. can't remember how black's robot looked like though...

I didn't like the black ranger coz when I was a kid, I was very racist. hahaha...

To kinah:

Power rangers are the people who used to save the earth. hahaha...

Aku pon minat gak Along!

Tapi Math tetap C.

To Diyana:

Really? I didn't know! I stopped watching the rangers after Power Rangers Zeo or something.

helanistic.herneo said...

oh fakk.
ak pn suka kimberly jugak!

Azie Nazri said...

tak ciiii!! I've planned like forever to name my car( bile ntah nak dapat) Kimberly!
I love her! Hmmm xpelah. Nak guna Jason lah.

Diyana said...

Safwan, after Power Rangers Zeo lah they come up with entah apa-apa plot on Power Rangers.

Anonymous said...

I hate Pink ranger!!!!!

Coz she's the reason me n my best friend argued..

At that time both of us wanted to be the pink ranger. Then I end up losing to her... I had to settle for the yellow ranger..

Huh!! Pink ranger is not that hot anyway!!!