Saturday, April 18, 2009

Didn't deaf their eyes, didn't blind their ears.

These were the things that happened during Patung Patung 09 Showcase, ordered chronologically from my point of view. Sorry for the delays. Blame the assignments.

12 April 2009

6.00 A.M

Woke up, solat subuh. Thanked Mom coz she woke me up. If she didn't, I'd have slept till way past 10 A.M.

7.00 A.M

Waited for Rapid KL bus to go to the faculty. Dad took my car for a few days coz he wants to go Johor and don't wanna ride bus. Had breakfast at the faculty.

9.00 A.M

Set up the stage, lighting, sound check, plotting, safety check, and technical run through.

1.00 P.M

Had lunch. Chip took me, Acad, and Afiq Dharma to Section 18. Solat as well. (Mak, anak mak tak tinggal solat. Subuh je kadang2) [read:a lot]

2.20 P.M

Touched up stage. Looked amazing.

3.30 P.M

Final rehersal. We did quite well. Liyana came up with some crazy stuff for ad lib. It was damn hilarious. Kesian Chip kena bahan. The girl playing Patung 1 was injured. She pulled a hamstring and cannot dance for a few hours.

5.30 P.M

Solat Asar. Had half and hour of break.

6.00 P.m

A.D said after Solat, put on make up straight away and don't make the Wuduk batal. So I put on make up. Syud applied to me first, but realized halfway that she wasn't wearing gloves, so my wuduk got batal-led. Wasted their make up. I'm sorry....!

After re-Wuduk-ing, Nashrah applied the make up for me.

That the first and last time ever I wear make ups. Hopefully. It was very uncomfortable. I don't know how girls do this everyday. But it turned out quite OK though.

Teased Nashrah during the make up session. When she was trying to put on the blusher, I screamed like hell. It was as if I was in agony or something. She freaked out a bit. And that earned me a hard jab of the blusher brush on my cheek. Hahaha...

Had to resist the temptation to fart for a few hours. It was the hardest thing I had to do, considering I fart every 20 minutes.

7.20 P.M

Solat maghrib in the hall. We're not allowed to leave the hall.

7.50 P.M

A.D conducted the characterization process. He wanted us to use the Method Acting thingy. Basically, the actors had to stay in character from the start of the play till the end of the play. If by any chance the actor had to answer a phone call, the actor had to answer it IN CHARACTER. Kesian siapa siapa yang kena borak2 dengan Chip. He answered all questions as a crazy person.

When A.D conducted the characterization, he asked us to lie flat on the stage. He then told us to imagine this and that, but I had a hard time doing that.

8.15 P.M

That was it. Did my thing. Got my nerves in check, and acted. At the end of my scene, the audience applauded. It was the most exhilarating sensation to hear that.

10.30 P.M

Play ended. I think we did quite well. Azri, the lead actor, was very good. He really played the psycho character very well. There were times that I seriously wanted to stick my foot in his ass coz he scolded Fira, the heroine. I nearly forgot that this was just a play. His ass was saved. Azri was very good.

11.00 P.M

Nashrah sent me home. That night, I turned in early coz I was very tired. But regretted the next morning coz I got Methodology of Teaching Listening and Speaking test for 10% and haven't read a fucking page.

Die Die Die...


Thanks to Firdaous and Taufik's friends for "helping me out" the next morning.

P/s: I love you. (tiba tiba. hahaha.)

p.p/s: Didn't take any pictures for the night coz phone was out of battery.


Azie Nazri said...

I so wanted to watch u guys that night but had noone to accompany me. They wanted to watch anugerah bintang. I was thinking of going alone but it was raining lebat gila siap ribut.

heard that it was great though. congrats! your makeup that night was for the stage. we girls, dont wear make up that thick! hehehehe.

ohh and 'I love you'? Haaaaaa, tau dah! :p

Azie Nazri said...

and congrats for being able to struggle for your wudhuk. barula ada barakah nak present. ;)

Azie Nazri said...

eh baru prasan. anugerah berita harian. bintang plak. ish.

Ayda Abu Bakar said...

macam ZZ.
Zorro Zombie..hahahah

kayNe said...

what play did u guys do?

safwan said...

to azie:

haha..p:s i love you tu title movie n novel la...takde kena mengena ngan yg hidup atau mati!

to aida:

zorro zombie? sorry, org tak tgk cite kurun yang lepas. hahahaha

to kayne:

we did patung patung. it was about a sculptor who was super skilled. his girlfriend died, so he attempted to bring her back from the dead by creating a masterpiece, the exact copy of his dead girlfriend. it took him 6 failed attempts of creating the patung and she lived. then things happened and story ends. too lazy to write. hahaha