Sunday, April 19, 2009

Slip of Tongue is 1 year old!

Slip of Tongue is now 1 year old!

wootwoot! \(^.^)/

Happy, happy!


I can still recall the day I wrote the very first post in this blog.

It was during Ethnic Relations final exam. At that time, I was stressed out with the paper, and needed a breather. Any paragraph more about Constitution Article 153 and Islam Hadari would make me puke. So I wrote about How I hate exams. Bit stupid really.

And the other posts are from my old Friendster blog.

I do have a Friendster blog, you know? but It's been dead ever since.

It's called Slip of Tongue too. So technically, Slip of tongue is older than 1 year old, I suppose.

I first wrote in my Friendster blog. But I switched it to Blogspot. It's not because of Blogspot is better or anything, but it's because of something else.

At my Friendster blog, I posted an entry about Shakespears' Sonnet 18. I poked fun about the sonnet. In the ending couplet, where it said

So long as men can breath or eyes can see,
so long lives this, and this gives life to thee.

It basically meant that as long as human live and they can read, the beauty of the poet's lover will be eternalized.

You know what I said? I said there's a better way to preserve your beauty if you want to.

Take a friggin picture.

Then we can see the beauty. It tells a thousand words and lasts longer. A couple of days later, a friend of mine, Syikin read that post and gave a comment so menusuk kalbu, I became delirious. That was the first time I was critized. Due to that, I deleted the post and held a grudge against her.


Jaga ko.

I swore to flame her back in her blog. But I forgot all about flaming her back the next day. Hahaha. But right now, I hold no grudge against her. She meant well. Allahyarham Usman Awang also said "Kalau takut menulis, jangan jadi penulis." But the damage was done nonetheless. I didn't write any entry for a long time coz of fear of being criticized.

Since then, I became very critical about what I put on my blog. Will this go down well with everybody? Is it grammaticaly correct? Is it this and that? Aziz became my walking talking dictionary and my grammar checker. Bless him.

Nowadays, I am less critical than I used to. I just write what I want to write.


Blogging at Slip of Tongue has been a wild ride. I look forward to his second birthday...!


nashrah khan said...

happy birthday slip of tongue :)

hajar :: aisyah said...

less critical?
i wonder how u could be b4 i know u..

*happy birthday slip of tongue and congrats on ur writings*

p.a.n.a ★ ใกใ‚ƒใ‚“ said...

tapaya belapik d blog sendri..

aina said...

happy bday slip of has been a pleasure reading u!

Ayda Abu Bakar said...

ok, nnt selebret bday blog ngan lasagna. hahahaha

Azie Nazri said...

Happy Brithday Boy! You've been one funny fella. Keep on making Crumbs of Me and lots of others laugh. :))