Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Marketing FAIL

I don't know about your place, but in Shah Alam, there's a new "in thing" that's been going on in burger stalls around here.

I'm talking about the new menu, "the Oblong Burger".

As the name suggests, everything about this burger is oblong. The bread and the meat.

It's a cool thing, this is.

Pretty much like Prosperity Burger of McDonald's, except that it's all year round.
And for cheaper price to boot.

Word on the street that this burger is really delicious. So I decided to give it a shot.

I went to a burger stall in Section 18 Shah Alam, and immediately ordered one.

I was so hungry at that time, I ate it on the spot.

It was only then that I realize that there was a banner or something promoting this burger.

"90% pure meat"

90% PURE MEAT???

So what does the other 10% stand for??


And if this burger is boasting about having the most amount of pure meat,


Ah, watafak.

Sedap jugak benda alah ni.


Ayda Abu Bakar said...

korok mu sotkabo.
another 10% wud be fat, tendons, fat lagi, starch, fat lagi, food additives, fat sum more,soya bean protein, lagi fat ngan egg/bread. may contain traces of cicak, lipas, kulit lembu etc.

hubungi saya untuk mengetahui dengan lebih lanjut mengenai nutrisi makanan. hahaha~

Imran said...

haha..aku 1st time beli masa bulan pose..kt psar sblh stadium..leh thn gak.hehe.. another 10% tu lemak2 campuran kot.hehe

qieynah said...

wei, saw this banner olso at dataran cendikia td petang....nmpak xsdap abc situ memang best...abang abc pon hensem...lagi masyukkkkk

the devil's tongue said...

never try it much is it?nok tra jgk kalu ore tgh on-diet bley dok make??takut nyo jadi besa supo bruda bear aku kalu abe bruda bear nok blanjo bley ah...ko guano abe kito hok semak tu?

Anonymous said...

safwan, i've added u at my blog! p/s: ur post is so funny.

kayNe said...

the heck pulak nak letak newspaper??
i second ayda abu bakr, 10% would contain of one of these things
tringin, though. people here are big on kambing.

safwan said...

to kekda:

ooo.... tak tau la plak...hihihihi...

mu tu grad engin wat cara grad engin. toksah dok verangann jadi grad bio! wakaka..

to imran:

hahaha....saje je aku kan?? nak tabur fitnah...hahaha

to kinah:

offside mu nih. org ckp pasal burger mu ckp pasal abg hensem....

to pene:

4 riyal 1 bos! bakpo, mu tgh diet ko? gitu gak toksoh beng la make nyo... wat besa perut jah. doh la anggoto bade lain besa doh! huhuu...

mati aku pasnih... nyicey pene... huhuhu...

to nadia:

I pun dah link ur blog to mine. thx! glad u liked it...:D

to kayne:

whoa.... killer ah! heart attack waiting to happen tu!

Ibrahim said...

I bought one for rm4, doesnt really satisfy me. Get chicken special (chicken + egg) for only rm3.