Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kekda says the darnest thing

Last Saturday, I went to my brother's house, and my sister, Kekda was there too. (Kekda is the name I called her since I could speak coz Kakak Aida was too long)

The thing was, that day was the first day she saw me in a new haircut. She said

Kekda: Wang, mu potong rambut eh?

Me: Yep. Bakpe? Hensem?

Kekda: Ah Ye. Macam Simon Cowell.

Me: Hah? Ye Ke? Siot mu Kekda!


Oh my gosh, where do I start? I mean I'm not being rude to you but you look like the Incredible Hulk's wife.

- to a tuneless contestant whose green sweater is a fashion no-no

The difference between me and that contestant is I AM THE INCREDIBLE HULK. Minus the color and anger management issue.

That was one of Simon Cowell's meanest statements. Mine was

Eh? Dah nak balik dah ke? Bagus. Nak halau pun segan.
- said to one of my most irritating friends ever.

And that earned me two middle fingers and curse words involving a type of animal and my mental state by him. Hahaha.

I guess Simon Cowell and me have a lot of things in common.

Oh, I think I can add another.

Simon and me really need a wardrobe makeover. Like seriously.


hajar :: aisyah said...

^_^ comel pic mu n cowell.


Diyana said...

Nope, not even a hint of Cowell in your new haircut.

Ayda Abu Bakar said...

lose weight first..kalo dok membazir je wat wardrobe overhaul. muehehehhe

the devil's tongue said...

len mu nga simon cowell...erm aku raso mu srupo nga.......ermmm......haaa....


qieynah said...

pene is actually talking bout himself...hahaha

safwan said...

To hajar:

kalo simon cowell is my dad then my tempah neraka statements would be unbearable. learn from teladan kot!

to diyana:

Ye? Nasib baik...

to Kekda:

Sponsor la org Herbalife! hahaha..

to pene:

Samo ikut mano tu....hahaha...

to Kinah: